Shawn Burst

While closely coordinated direct mail and email campaigns are both popular and successful today, perhaps the most effective demonstrations of the offline-online marriage are personalized URL (PURL) campaigns. This "marriage" is thoroughly explored in DirectMarketingIQ's recent report on personalized URLs.

Dukky is proud to announce the recent success of their marketing platform for automotive dealerships. As direct mail is such a large portion of automotive dealerships’ budgets, Dukky recognized the importance of offering these dealers the ability to integrate social media and real time analytics into their campaigns to move the industry’s marketing tactics forward.

There's a reason people call it junk mail--as much as 99 percent of direct-mail ads are ignored, or cursed at, before being tossed into the trash. But Shawn Burst saw potential amid the unredeemed coupons and "This week only!" offers: What if it was possible to combine a direct-mail campaign with social media and other web technology? What if he could make junk mail extremely valuable—not just to the people who get it but also to the marketing groups and businesses that send it out? Two years ago, Burst founded Dukky, a company dedicated to exactly that idea. After 15 years in the direct-mail and printing industries in New Orleans, Burst knew that the most effective campaigns have a good offer and a good mailing list. But he also knew that even the best lacked strong customer engagement and truly measurable results.

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