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Walk-in travel influencers should probably stop thinking of their unsolicited offers to stay for free at luxury hotels as gifts to those travel marketers. Some luxury hoteliers have even stopped vetting those influencer requests as a result. But that may be a mistake, because walk-in social media travel influencers may provide travel marketers with some value. Here are three questions to ask to determine if the offer is worthwhile.

In the world of PR and social media marketing, pitching is a common tactic that is used across the board. If you're not familiar with the term, pitching is essentially the action of offering your idea to someone else in the hopes that they'll be on board with what you want to do.

Maybe she should’ve picked a marketer with less personality. Recently, social media influencer Elle Darby offered to stay at a hotel for free with her boyfriend so that the destination could gain brand awareness due to exposure to her followers. The White Moose Café and Charleville Lodge, ahem, declined. The Dublin marketer’s response went viral and the brand is continuing to have fun with the controversy.

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