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Pat Friesen is a direct response copywriter, content developer, copy coach and creative strategist. She is also the author of "The Cross-Channel Copywriting Handbook," published by Direct Marketing IQ. Reach her at (913) 341-1211.

by Pat Friesen Marketers are excited. So are consumers. What's the cause for all this excitement? E-commerce. Marketers recognize the opportunity to broaden their share of the market with e-commerce. Consumers are intrigued by the promise of online convenience, the myriad choices and outrageous deals. So as a direct marketer whose success is rooted in direct mail, what should you do? Should you have a Web site and use it as your base for doing e-commerce? Should you forget about direct mail? Or do you integrate your direct "snail" mail advertising with your Web site and, if so, how? Here are four tips on

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