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Target Marketing took some time to chat with Alan Zamchick, vice preisdent of list management for Media Horizons Management about how he entered the list business, who his mentors were, what challenges he has faced in the industry and more.

Direct marketers interested in finding out if their products and services might appeal specifically to different multicultural audiences should consider insert media options. Although some firms drive all their direct sales through insert media, plenty of others turn to these media programs as a less expensive testing ground for offers, creative and niche markets. Insert media expert Arlene Rosen, president of New York, N.Y.-based ARA Media Solutions, shares some insights on how to reach niche markets via various types of insert programs. Target Marketing: What role does insert media play in helping marketers reach niche markets, such as Hispanics, Asian Americans and the GLBT

If you’re currently leveraging the Web to enhance your organization’s fulfillment efforts, you’re probably on to something. But if you haven’t yet integrated digital fulfillment in your marketing program, consider how it can help you achieve your goals and why it may behoove you to explore this approach. Perhaps your goal is to increase response, reduce time to market, improve customer satisfaction or gain a competitive advantage? Whatever it is, digital fulfillment may be precisely what your marketing program needs to reach that next level. Highly customized brochures, downloadable software, streaming videos and e-mail are among the formats being used to deliver requested information

Don’t overlook online channels when putting together a marketing plan for the boomer market. According to Mary Furlong, CEO of Lafayette, Calif.-based Mary Furlong and Associates, an agency specializing in the boomer and senior markets, boomers are the most wired adult market. Indeed, boomers turn to the Internet to find answers to serious questions—ranging from health-related concerns to real-estate questions—which is an indication of their comfort level online, notes Furlong. “Sometimes marketers think, ‘I’ll just reach them through magazines and newspapers.’ But I think the new ‘Aha’ is to reach them through their BlackBerrys and reach them online,” says Furlong.

When driving direct mail recipients to your Web site, make sure the landing page or microsite to which you direct them mirrors your direct mail piece in terms of copy and design. According to Craig Huey, president of Torrence, Calif.-based Creative Direct Marketing Group, one of the biggest blunders marketers make that dramatically can depress response is to create a microsite that is hard to navigate and does not correspond to the direct mail piece. “[Just] because something is on the Web, human psychology and direct marketing rules are not suspended,” notes Huey. “To maximize response ... you have to have a microsite that is

Want to prevent a successful offer from fatiguing? Consider making minor adjustments to your offer and use a slightly different variation each time you mail. Omaha Steaks, for example, mails retention and acquisition efforts on almost a weekly basis. According to the company’s Corporate Communications Director Beth Weiss, since April 2001, Omaha Steaks has been mailing a free burger promotion to customers, offering everything from six to 12 free burgers, and many variations in between. The offer used in one effort that mailed in February included a scratch-off game piece that reads “Scratch Here! For up to 12 FREE Burgers.” The winning number of burgers

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