Deb Goldstein

Introduction At a not-so-long-ago List Vision event held by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), I remember hearing either Don Mokrynski or Mal McCluskey state that the number of datacards had practically tripled in recent years. The result: An overwhelming job for brokers trying to make sense of the prospecting opportunities for clients. While I understand the difficulty such datacard proliferation presents to brokers and mailers, it also represents a step forward in the list industry recognizing a need for more segmented and digestible list files. And that diversity is showing up all over the list business. This special report details the immense work

Edited By Hallie Mummert Tim Barlow, vice president, list services group, Venture Direct Worldwide The most successful list owners recognize that their file(s) are very important performing assets. These assets deliver sustained revenue as well as demographic and psychographic data streams that represent a great return on their customer acquisition investments. In evaluating and clearing list rental requests, list owners need to consider the following:

By Deb Goldstein The shoe department at Nordstrom is heaven. I'm sure you've been there, and if you haven't, it's a must—not just because of the vast variety of shoes, but because of its customer service. It's the complete experience that combines quality products delivered with top care. When I'm in San Francisco, I never miss the opportunity to visit this store. Here's why: It's all about my first visit. I was at the opening bell at 9:30. I looked at everything, consulted with my shopping partner if she liked this pair or that. When I finally decided what I wanted to try

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