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Congratulations! Mazeltov! Happy Wedding! There are all kinds of ways for travel, hospitality and more marketers to be welcome at nuptial celebrations, and same-sex marriages seem no different. That's even truer now that the U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear cases from Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Indiana. On Monday, the court declined to hear arguments from those states that were opposed to the marriages, in effect bringing the total of states allowing same-sex nuptials to 24.

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse said Tuesday that, like a good Olympic athlete, his company is always going to be focused on setting a new personal best. ... “What you are not going to see around here are any ‘mission accomplished’ signs,” Hesse told a group of journalists who have been touring the company’s Kansas headquarters over the past two days. “We are on a long-term turnaround plan.” One of the big areas of improvement has been in customer service.

Your marketing efforts are under attack! They are costing more to produce and getting lackluster results, right? Your efforts must be stepped up in order to survive. In most cases, every marketing effort your company has produced could have been stronger, more strategic and garnered better results. Almost every time the culprit that keeps you from stellar results can point back to the kickoff meeting.

In the immortal words of The Wall Street Journal’s Laura Landro, written last Friday about her long weekend at the George V Hotel in Paris: Of course, you pay dearly: Even taking into account the strong euro, prices at the George V, like other luxury hotels, are stratospheric. Internet access, at $32 for 24 hours, feels like highway robbery. And when a club sandwich, small shrimp salad and a couple of Coke Lites come to $157, you know you aren’t in Kansas anymore. Where the British pound equals $2, the euro is a paltry buck and a half. Dinner in Germany and Austria was

By Lisa Yorgey When Peruvian Connection decided to tackle the German market it realized the launch would be "trickier" than its earlier entry into the United Kingdom because of language differences and a different approach to paying for mail-order goods, reports Annie Hurlbut, CEO and co-founder of the Kansas-based catalog. While it has hit a few bumps in the road, the cataloger has used its experience to grow its European operations. Although Peruvian Connection didn't launch its first international catalog until 1994, Hurlbut maintains the cataloger has been an international company long before its first venture into the global market. As its name

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