Framingham, Mass.

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

What happened to Jerry Dow one day in a Suddenlink Communications call center is possibly the dream occurrence for every boss. A customer service representative, so grateful about how a software improvement he'd helped implement simplified the direct marketing process, hugged him.

In business, the saying “It’s all about the customer” is touted as the driving force behind customer relationship management. For direct marketers in particular, it’s all about how to effectively reach your best customer at the right time with an offer that sets the tone for your future CRM efforts. Here, Target Marketing caught up with Jackie Heitman, senior vice president of marketing for Purchase, N.Y.-based broadband telecommunications provider Bresnan Communications, to discuss the company’s revamped customer acquisition program. Bresnan recently partnered with Framingham, Mass.-based Pluris Inc., a CRM software and solutions provider, to implement a new, coordinated analytics approach. Since then, it has

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