Target Marketing November December 2014


4 Key Elements Needed to Understand How Data Metrics Create Value

For many marketers reading this column, data is fun! We love the challenge of figuring out how to find and use data to solve problems and drive all kinds of marketing initiatives. However, we also operate in a business environment and have to ultimately answer the question of value. How do we create true value using our expertise and experience?

5 Tips to Keep Good UX Freelancers

Once you find the right freelancers for the project, make sure you make them feel like a key part of the team, and keep them happy. It's better to put in the effort to have a good relationship with a single freelancer than to have a revolving door of professionals working with you.

BFFs IRL*: 10 Easy Ways to Build Brand Loyalty Through Social Media

Businesses can spend a lot of time and money on market research trying to figure out what customers think of them. But today, this information is readily available through a simple search. All good businesses work hard to maintain a good reputation, and things are no different now that it's online. The only things that have changed are the medium and the speed of transmittance.

Can You Make Technology Part of the Marketing Team?

While making an emotional connection with customers is becoming more important, most of the experts we interviewed for this article saw technology as part of the solution, not the problem. The trick is not just to have technology that works for you, but to be able to use technology as an extension of your marketing department. Can you make technology part of the marketing team?

Can You Offer Emotional Value to Your Customers?

With all the emphasis on data and technology in today's marketing, it's too easy to forget that marketing is an emotional discipline. As the recession falls further into the past, we're seeing more and more that customers who've been primarily concerned about price for years are now looking for a reason, almost any reason, to choose a brand based on something more. Can your marketing meet the needs of these customers?

Can You Prove the Value of Marketing to the C-suite?

One of the biggest advantages of direct marketing has always been that it's highly accountable. You spend the money to create a campaign (whether via direct mail, email, telephone, pay-per-click ads, or what have you), and you can see clearly how that converts and how those conversions lead to sales, revenue and an impact on your bottom line.

Full-Circle Marketing

Almost magical advances in technology have enabled a world of convenience and entertainment. For marketers, this has increased customer touchpoints and buying complexity exponentially. Prospects are increasingly less likely to convert in a linear manner—see a commercial, pick up the phone, and place an order—than they were in the past.

Help Your Customers Help You

I made it to the Dreamforce convention in San Francisco for the first time this year. It’s a massive show—100,000-plus attendees, a staggering number for what is essentially a big Salesforce 
user conference.

How to Hire a Designer

Maybe once in your career, you will be tasked with finding an artist to create the official portrait of your CEO. Or maybe your mother-in-law. Or you may be called on to hire or recommend a designer or webmaster.

Inbox Mischief Managed

"Eleven percent missing in action, 6 percent destroyed …" While these grim statistics might sound like a report from the frontlines of war, they actually denote the harsh realities facing today’s email marketers. Return Path’s "Inbox Placement Benchmark Report for 2014" revealed that—globally—only an elite few sectors are able to break the coveted 90 percent rate of inbox placement.

Portland Blazes Ticket Sale Trail

The Portland Trail Blazers needed to change their Web marketing game. During 2012-2013—the same season the NBA team had a 33-49 record—the franchise had no paid digital marketing presence.

Riddle Me This

Most of you reading this probably aren't copywriters. Instead you're the people who provide input to writers; the professionals tasked with creating marketing messages that generate clicks, calls or trips to a store or an event. So, while you're most likely not a writer, you play a major role in the writing process because of one or more of the following:

Seeking Experience

Having hired many user experience (UX) freelancers, and now taking on the role of a freelancer myself, I know how difficult it can be to find the right match between project, team and UX specialist. Here are a handful of tips on finding the right freelance candidate for your open UX position.

The Big Qs of 2015

Every year has its own challenges, trends and "Big Qs." But as we head into 2015, the kinds of topics we're hearing discussed by our readers and other marketers are changing. From the big conventions like ad:tech, DMA and Dreamforce, to social media and comments we're seeing on our articles, marketers seem to have put the recession questions of 2012 (the last time we did a Big Qs article) behind them.