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An Interview With a Google Search Quality Rater
January 24, 2012

Since at least 2005, Google has been using a large, worldwide focus group to help review its search results and the quality of the Web pages that rank well in its algorithm. The people in this program are called Quality Raters and, as you can imagine, the work they do is important to search marketers everywhere. After Jennifer Ledbetter posted about the program last fall, one current Quality Rater contacted Search Engine Land wanting to explain and clarify some of what's been written and said about the program.

The Best Search Engine Optimization Companies Ranked by topseos.com for November 2011
November 2, 2011

topseos.com, the independent authority on search vendors, has released their list for the best SEO companies for November 2011. topseos.com, the independent authority on search vendors, has released their list of the fifty best search engine optimization companies for the month of November 2011. topseos.com uses a meticulous evaluation process which identifies the services which offer the most complete SEO experience in order to create a list of the best SEO companies. The list is used by businesses looking for specialized SEO services which will assist them in their online marketing in the form of improved organic search results

Print Production Spotlight: Defining Print’s Role in Modern Direct Marketing
April 27, 2011

An Internet information company seeking to boost response rates and drive traffic to its website was reluctant to use direct mail. After the campaign generated so-so results in numerous online channels, however, a direct mail test produced the highest response rates and the most stickiness of any medium they used—even for the coveted new-media generation of 18- to 35-year-olds. The moral: "Sometimes you find a role for print in the areas you least expect it."

5 Ways to Get More From Online Video
January 17, 2011

The use of video to tell your story, put a real live face on the company and showcase your products, services and customer testimonials is a very foundational online tactic these days.

Obtain and Verify Stronger B-to-B Leads
November 18, 2009

Ask most executives and marketers what salespeople need to sell in this economy and they will say, "more leads." That’s why many marketing and lead generation programs tend to focus on quantity. Unfortunately, as little as 5 percent to 15 percent of all marketing inquiries turn out to be truly sales-ready opportunities. Marketers that really want to help sales perform better will focus on higher-quality leads that have better odds of converting into pipeline opportunities and customers; however, according to MarketingSherpa's data, generating “high-quality leads” is the B-to-B marketer’s No. 1 challenge.

PR Debacles and How to Avoid Them
July 15, 2008

In last Thursday’s edition of this e-zine about Jay Leno—and knowing how to communicate using different media—I failed to include a very important takeaway point: * Never trust a television studio. You never know when your mike is live and picking up your stupid comments, or the camera is on you while you are picking your nose—or both. Rev. Jesse Jackson, spiritual and moral adviser to President Bill Clinton—and a man who fathered a child out of wedlock, paid her $40,000 out of his nonprofit corporation and once referred to New York City as “Hymietown,” an anti-Semitic slur—is in the limelight once again.

The American Express Mess
January 29, 2008

What triggered this column was a letter to this publication from Anthony Greene in London on my musings last week about how to gussy up important e-mails in order to give them gravitas. In our exchange, he wrote: Thank you, Denny. A nice and utterly relevant piece. Your story about the Ticketmaster e-mail, and how much you appreciated their thoughtfulness, has reminded me of what I regard as one of the greatest missed opportunities in the history of marketing. Every time I use my American Express Centurion Card I cannot help but notice the following words printed on the front, “MEMBER SINCE 82”. So,

Blockbuster Direct Mail 2004 Axel Andersson Grand Controls
April 1, 2005

The following is the full list of Grand Controls identified by the Who's Mailing What! Archive as having been mailed for three years or more during the past decade (1995-2004). For more information on any of these mailings, contact Archive Director Paul Bobnak, at (215) 238-5225. Or, to order access to the entire direct mail library of mailings received by the Archive between 1994 and the present, visit www.whosmailingwhat.com. AARP Membership Registration Archive Code: 571AMASRP0604Z AARP Membership Card Archive Code: 571AMASRP0397A AARP Certificate of Admission Archive Code: 573AMASRP1095AZ Advertising Age Year/$69.95 Archive Code: 205ADAGEM0799Z Air & Space 5 + 1

CRM - Beyond the Hooplah (1,414 words)
July 1, 2002

The Differences Between CRM and Database Marketing by Bob McKim Even with all of the hoopla surrounding customer relationship management (CRM) these days, it's only now that management is beginning to wonder: Is there a difference between CRM and database marketing? They're also asking the bottom-line question: What can we really expect in return for all the money we're pouring into CRM? Both disciplines have similar and overlapping characteristics, such as providing a 360-degree view of the customer and integrating all the data into a common system. While implementation costs can be similar, CRM appears to be the more expensive exercise. CRM

International By Design Peruvian Connections Adds Germany to I
November 1, 1999

By Lisa Yorgey When Peruvian Connection decided to tackle the German market it realized the launch would be "trickier" than its earlier entry into the United Kingdom because of language differences and a different approach to paying for mail-order goods, reports Annie Hurlbut, CEO and co-founder of the Kansas-based catalog. While it has hit a few bumps in the road, the cataloger has used its experience to grow its European operations. Although Peruvian Connection didn't launch its first international catalog until 1994, Hurlbut maintains the cataloger has been an international company long before its first venture into the global market. As its name