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Brands Headed Towards Time-Sensitive Mobile Messaging, Survey Finds
August 11, 2014

We're announcing the results of a survey on mobile messaging in the enterprise that Message Systems commissioned Harris Poll to conduct. The survey focused on who is embracing mobile messaging, how they're using it, and what they're spending on it — presently and in the future. We assumed that most businesses were aware of the marketplace changes being driven by mobile, and that most were already adapting their marketing, engagement and customer service practices to address the new messaging environment. But to what extent? That's what we endeavored to find out in our mobile survey. 

6 Email Predictions for the New Year
December 6, 2012

Every year around this time, marketers, industry pundits and vendors begin to speculate about the coming year. Marketing solutions provider Message Systems this month released six predictions for 2013. Carrie Scott, director, product and direct marketing, and John Pinson, senior manager, content marketing, explained what Message Systems’ predictions will mean for B-to-B email marketers in the coming year.

5 Ways to Keep Email ROI Healthy
October 17, 2012

Social media and mobile messaging have fundamentally reshaped the customer communications landscape. Smartphones and Facebook have become ubiquitous, and consumers now want their email and text messaging preferences met more than ever. Yet according to Message Systems' "Marketing Channel and Engagement Benchmark Survey," 51 percent of respondents do not yet offer their customers a preference center or have the ability to track customer preferences for how they prefer to receive communication.

Reinvigorate Email Marketing: New Methods of Engagement to Combat Declining ROIs and Deliverability
August 7, 2012

The email deliverability landscape has changed along with the rise of digital channels, and engagement with email messages has been less than outstanding recently. Return Path, the email certification and reputation monitoring company, recently released its "Global Email Deliverability Benchmark" report, which found that worldwide inbox placement rates declined sharply in the second half of 2011. For the past three years, email deliverability has stayed at around 80 percent, with one in five emails being delivered to the spam folder or blocked. But now, commercial email senders are seeing that number decline

3 Near-Death Experiences for Email Marketing
November 18, 2011

In its relatively brief history, email marketing has survived two “near death” experiences — the wholesale blocking of bulk mailers and the myriad laws that led to CAN-SPAM. This doesn't include several lesser ones, such as the suppression of images and links. As an industry, email marketers have learned quite a lot from these experiences and they're all the stronger for it.

3 NEW Things Direct Marketers Need to Know In Order to Enter—and Stay in—the Inbox
September 28, 2011

Direct marketers may think they've heard it all and know it all about getting in the inbox. But that knowledge of email deliverability is so last month. Now it's about staying in the inbox. With email service providers (ESPs) paying close attention to whether recipients actually want the messages they're getting, marketers have to step up engagement and reputation in order for deliverability to remain high.

Managing Risky Client Practices and Ensuring System Security
July 8, 2011

I recently participated in an industry discussion about how email service providers manage risky client behavior such as co-registration activity that can result in wholesale blocks of their email and soil their reputation before they know what’s hit them.

How Message Convergence Leads to More Profitable Customer Relationships
January 28, 2011

Online communications have fundamentally altered how we interact with each other. Evidence of our collective behavioral change is both obvious and pervasive in our personal and professional lives. It's a technology-enabled, connected world in which we now live, and it's influencing us at an accelerating rate and to increasingly deeper levels.