Media Industry Newsletter

‘The New Yorker’ vs. the Obamas
July 22, 2008

I’ve written a number of times that one way to deal harshly with unfriendly media is to deny access: Issue no press credentials. Force them to stand with their noses to the window pane and regurgitate the same AP or Reuters stories that all the other cheapskate newspapers and magazines use. That the Obama campaign has denied access to The New Yorker is delicious. I have 104 days to make up my mind, and I’m still not sure about Barack Obama or John McCain. Will this be yet another presidential election where I go into a voting booth holding my nose and pulling the

Editor’s Notes: Past Its Prime?
May 1, 2007

At the end of February, I pulled out of my office inbox a continuation notice for a free trial to min, also known as Media Industry Newsletter. I racked my brain for a minute, trying to remember if 1) I had signed up to receive this publication and 2) if I had gotten a sample issue. With a negative answer to each question, I put aside the invoice-like notice but decided to keep an eye out for the publication. A week passed with no sample issue, and I received another continuation notice—this time, featuring the teaser “LAST CHANCE” on the outer envelope. Inside, the