Home Depot

Home Depot to Roll Out PayPal in Stores Nationwide
February 29, 2012

In coming weeks, Home Depot will equip many of its 2,000 stores with payment terminals that can accept PayPal as a payment option. Six weeks after The Home Depot Inc. began testing in-store PayPal acceptance, the national hardware chain has set a schedule to make the payment method an option in nearly all of its 2,000 stores, PayPal says. The test started in the East Bay area of San Francisco. Broader deployment began this week in Atlanta, Miami and New Orleans.

Why Marketer Love for QR Codes Is Not Shared by Consumers
January 4, 2012

Quick-response codes are everywhere these days, even the soccer field. This fall, a squad of London footballers shaved the back of their heads in the design as a promotional stunt. But consumers are not nearly as excited about QR codes as marketers are.

Facebook Won’t Become E-Commerce Force, Analyst Says
April 8, 2011

ll sorts of merchants are experimenting on Facebook. Best Buy has set up a shop on the social-networking site. Home Depot gives special offers to people who “like” its page. Levi’s added a “like” button. But does this mean Facebook is en route to becoming a major e-commerce player? Forrester Research analyst Sucharita Mulpuru says the answer is a resounding “No.”

Playing Hooky With Your Brand
November 1, 2010

As a whole, marketers are often too cooped-up with their brands, juggling best practices and customer data, all the while trying to come up with something "fresh."

Clean Sweep
August 1, 2009

It’s fair to say we all have a place either in our homes or offices that we hope others won’t see. Whether it’s a crammed closet, junk drawer, three-car garage with no cars in it, musty attic boxes or sagging basement shelves, we all have some place that doesn’t pass Martha Stewart muster. We have just accumulated too much stuff.

Make It Easy to Order!
July 1, 2009

"When in doubt, do the obvious,” said my first mentor in business, Franklin Watts. In 1993, my wife, Peggy, and I bought a Center City Philadelphia fixer-upper row house, which we gutted and turned into our dream pad. However, a number of the designer light fixtures were esoteric—not the kind stocked at the A&P or even The Home Depot.

Archive Observations: Less Energy Equals Less Money
December 18, 2008

It's a connection that's been made by mailers I've reviewed over the last year: using less energy saves the consumer money. And, in September, two new "home improvement" offers continued the trend. Home Depot's 5-1/2" x11" self-mailer proclaims "Save Money. Save Energy." on the outer. Inside, the copy notes possible energy savings on new insulation, windows, water heaters and Trane HVAC systems. The prospect is invited to call a toll-free number or go online to schedule a free in-home consultation (Archive code #390-172889-0809).

Should Congress Shut Down eBay?
February 6, 2008

I have a huge file on the European Union and the myriad ways bureaucrats in Brussels insinuate themselves and their personal agendas into every facet of business and life. They dictate what can and cannot be done in terms of work rules, consumer marketing, competition, the media, nannies, light bulbs, data and so much more. In November, the EU issued a directive on noise abatement that included how loud symphony orchestras are allowed to play. Last week I read the story of how the state of Pennsylvania wants to shut down the thriving eBay auction business of single mom Mary Jo Pletz, which enables

A Big Business Tries to Quash a Tiny Business
October 16, 2007

On Oct. 5, 2007 two stories ran in The Wall Street Journal—and on its Web site—about the huge Los Angeles Hammer Museum’s effort to bury Dave Pahl’s Hammer Museum, which displays his collection of 1700 hammers in a tiny house in Haines, Alaska, 3,098 miles to the north. The top brass at the Los Angeles museum is following slavishly the brutal, bully-boy tactics of its founder, Occidental Petroleum President Armand Hammer (1898-1990), whose philosophy of life was codified on a plaque in his office that proclaimed, “He who hath the gold makes the rules.” In any publication or broadcast news story, what the L.A.