Eddie Bauer

The Worst PR Debacle in History
August 28, 2007

When the media get hold of a juicy story—one that inspires outrage or prurience—they will continue to run with it until something more outrageous or prurient overshadows it. Such was the case with Watergate and the Monica Lewinsky scandal that plagued the Clinton presidency. These pale to the gross mishandling of national public relations by the government and the private sector of China. In 50 years of being a news junkie, I cannot recall a tectonic success—the roaring Chinese economy—being so badly trashed by greed, incompetence and appalling PR. With a 1.3 billion population, China is governed by an iron-fisted Communist regime. But with millions of individual

Sell the Whole Story
June 1, 2002

How to sell products: It's more than just a pretty picture. By Lois Boyle A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it rarely tells the whole story. Consider a photograph on a catalog page. You can make it as attractive as possible, with beautiful lighting and extravagant propping, but there are drawbacks—a photograph alone won't give the full experience the product has to offer. You can't touch it, taste it, smell it or try it on. A multifaceted product is reduced to one simple dimension. Often that isn't enough. Catalogers must work hard to establish a perceived value with their

Market Focus--Home Workshop Enthusiasts (693 words)
January 1, 2002

If you've ever lazily flipped through your television channels on a Saturday afternoon, chances are you've happened upon the Emmy Award-winning "This Old House"—television's premier home improvement series. The show, which celebrated its 22nd anniversary season on PBS this year, unlocked America's passion for the home—and its unpredicted popularity proved how many Americans are willing to spend both time and money on various home projects. Who Are They? In line with the stereotypical image of this demographic, the average home improvement enthusiast is male, mature and married. He also tends to be middle-class, educated and family-oriented. However, clearly defining a typical home