Carus Publishing Company

Carus Publishing Co. on E-mail Address Collection
October 18, 2006

Carus Publishing Co. has been publishing award-winning children’s magazines and books for more than 30 years. Some of its more popular magazines are Cricket and Ladybug. Carus is a true multichannel marketer with an active Web site, a recent but growing catalog, and a highly successful e-mail program. We asked the folks at Carus about their experiences with e-mail address collection, and here’s what these executives had to say on the subject of what’s working and what is not. Target Marketing: Through which touchpoints does Carus collect customer e-mail addresses? Jason Patenaude, acting president and COO: We at Carus have many opportunities for customers to give

Improve Your Site Penetration
June 7, 2006

B-to-B marketers always are looking to grow their site penetration—that is, the number of individuals at a current customer site who purchase from them. To grab a greater share of a customer’s business, consider mailing non-buying prospects at buying sites, suggests Mary Ann Kleinfelter, marketing director at Carus Publishing. Kleinfelter is a well-known direct marketing expert with experience in both business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketing, and has worked for such firms as Sylvan Learning Center, Bedford Fair Apparel, Delta Education, PaperDirect and Daytimers. According to Kleinfelter, these prospects can be identified by running inquiries, leads and rented lists against your housefile. If the company name of