Internet Marketing

Sending Emails From Magazine Pages?
December 10, 2009

I came upon something very cool in my web travels last week. was showing a video of Jim Marggraff, chairman and CEO of a company called LiveScribe. He was discussing his company's Pulse Smartpen, a real pen that contains a computer and a high-speed infrared camera that can access the internet. When used with LiveScribe's dot paper — plain paper printed with microdots — the Smartpen enables a wide range of paper-based applications.

As online lead generation starts to establish itself as a...
December 9, 2009

"As online lead generation starts to establish itself as a separate discipline in online marketing and an increasing number of advertisers start to see the benefits of paying for leads on a CPL basis, marketers will have to start making some decisions to allocate sufficient budgets to their online lead generation campaigns."
--Dec 9. "Paid search and online lead generation: can they exist together?," posted by Justin Rees, Econsultancy's Internet Marketing Blog

Email, Social Media Tops in Marketing Spend in 2010
December 4, 2009

Most businesses are increasing their email and social media marketing spending in 2010, according to two recently published surveys. Of the 49 percent of 1,000 business executives surveyed last month by StrongMail Systems who said they're increasing overall marketing budgets next year, 69 percent are increasing email marketing and 59 percent social media marketing.

Gen Y Would Abandon Social Networks Before Texting and Email
October 22, 2009

While Generation Y Americans spend considerable time on social networks, when asked what they would least like to give up for one week, 9 percent said social networks while 26 percent said email and 26 percent said texting. These were findings from a recently released study about how Gen Y — primarily considered to be offspring of baby boomers — spend time visiting social networks, reading/writing email, texting, talking on the phone, watching TV, reading magazines and visiting non-social media sites.

eSpotlight - Foreign No More
October 1, 2009

Problem: Peruvian Connection, a multichannel retailer of men’s and women’s handcrafted garments native to the Andes, wanted to cross-sell and upsell products to its customers and prospects more effectively. Solution: The merchant contracted MyBuys, a provider of personalized product recommendations for online retailers. Results: Clickthrough rates, average order values and revenue have increased by 72 percent, 23 percent and 8 percent, respectively.

5 Ways to Optimize Your Online Surveys
October 1, 2009

A good online survey functions like a GPS for your business. A simple yet thoughtfully assembled online survey gathers important feedback — e.g., market information and customer “coordinates” — that keeps your business on track and moving in the right direction.

Participatory Marketing - Pull Marketing's New Push
October 1, 2009

For more than 50 years, push marketing ruled the industry. But as the internet, new technology and communication channels emerged, so did a new paradigm that included asking and gaining permission in the hopes of growing truly one-to-one dialogues and improving marketing efficiency. Now, with the emergence of the social internet — where consumers are more efficient self-organizers, hyperconnectors, and expert recommenders of products and services -— more emphasis is being placed on peer interactions. I call this new era of marketing participatory marketing.

15 Minutes Ahead - The Art of the Game
October 1, 2009

What comes to mind when you think about games? Games are immersive. They can be extremely competitive. They can be played together, in teams or alone. Online games range from multiplayer blockbusters like World of Warcraft to the thousands of casual and free games of sites like, with its millions of monthly unique visitors.

An Online Lead Generation Chat With LeadsCon Founder
October 1, 2009

Jay Weintraub, founder of LeadsCon, a conference and expo focused on online lead generation, believes that online lead generation is alive and well — and getting stronger. That's what he told me during the recent discussion we had about online lead generation, and he certainly ought to know: Following stints with and, Weintraub's annual LeadsCon conferences have taken off since the first one was held in April 2008.

Paperless Mail Nears Reality
September 24, 2009

It's been talked about for years: a paperless postal system that would enable folks to send real paper mail electronically. Not via emails, but real documents sent to people digitally. Well, it looks like the time may be here. Zumbox, a Westlake Village, Calif.-based company that has created a web-based platform that powers the world’s first paperless postal system, launched its national rollout on Sept. 22 in San Francisco and Newark, N.J., following a successful pilot in New Lenox, Ill.