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What Every Publisher Needs to Know About Content Management

December 5, 2007
• Presented By: Book Business
• Sponsored By: Follett Digital Resources
• Duration: One hour

• Speakers: Bill Trippe, Senior Analyst, Gilbane Group; Jabin White, Vice President for Product Development, Silverchair Inc.

• Moderator: Matt Steinmetz, Special Projects Editor, Book Business

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Content Management is perhaps the most overused and least understood phrase in publishing technology circles today. This lack of understanding often comes with a price, but it doesn't have to be that way. Fully appreciating the do's and don'ts of content management can lead to better decision-making and concrete benefits for publishers, but sorting through the buzzwords and misinformation can be a challenge. In this presentation, the speakers will present the basics of content management, the latest trends affecting the marketplace, and some key issues for publishers to think about before, during, and after they get involved with content management.

Overview of Content Management Marketplace - Bill Trippe
* What makes a CMS a CMS?
* Types of systems (document management, web content management, full CMS)
* Latest Trends
* Benefits of content management

What publishers should know about Content Management - Jabin White
* What are they used for? What are they NOT used for?
* Build or buy?
* What level of CMS, if any, is right for your organization?
* Don't forget to...

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