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The Secrets of Social Media Lead Generation

June 30, 2011
• Presented By: Target Marketing
• Sponsored By: HubSpot
• Duration: One hour

• Speakers: Jeff Molander, CEO, Molander & Associates Inc. and Gunnar Branson, Principal, Branson Powers, Inc.

• Moderator: Thorin McGee, Executive Editor, Target Marketing

• Click Here: The Secrets of Social Media Lead Generation

Social networks offer marketers the opportunity to build relationships with prospects that are deeper, yet easier to build and maintain, than ever before. A smart mix of updates and personal follow-through on Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn can yield big results from a channel that remains essentially untapped by many marketers. Opportunities exist for both B-to-C and B-to-B companies, and some are taking advantage of them right now.

* What lead generation and management techniques are working in social media today?
* How do you get prospects to fan/friend/follow you?
* How do you build a strategy for turning followers into customers?
* How should your social media campaigns integrate with email, mobile, content marketing and other initiatives?
* How do you keep the workload manageable and profitable?
* How do you quantify the return on investment and prove what works and what doesn't for your business?

Find the answers to these questions and more in this webinar packed with real-world examples and proven best practices.

Sponsored by HubSpot

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