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E-Mail Marketing 2.0: Segmentation Strategies that Revolutionize ROI

February 22, 2007
• Presented By: Target Marketing
• Sponsored By: Campaigner
• Duration: One hour

• Speakers: Luc Vezina, director, strategy and product management, for GOT Corporation; Reggie Brady, president of Reggie Brady Marketing Solutions; Brent Laderoute, head of advertising for West49 Inc.

• Moderator: Hallie Mummert, Editor in Chief, Target Marketing

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E-mail Marketing 1.0 was all about sending an e-mail blast to an opt-in list. But that tactic doesn’t produce consistently strong results any more. People have changed the definition of SPAM from “I didn’t give permission” to “It doesn’t interest me and I don’t know who it’s from.” And this attitude translates into 82 percent of people who won’t open a message from a sender they know if the information is not relevant. How can a marketer turn this trend around?

Welcome to E-mail Marketing 2.0, the next evolution of e-mail that’s based on the cornerstones of trust and relevance. Watch as Target Marketing, GOT Corp., Reggie Brady Marketing Solutions and West 49 Inc. share dozens of strategies designed to boost your e-mail marketing ROI to new levels.

This session is for both B2C and B2B marketers, at companies of all sizes. Don’t miss out on learning how to take your e-mail marketing program to the next level.

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