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Direct Mail Testing in 2010 - Copy, Offer, Lists, Formats, Personalization and More

April 13, 2010
• Presented By: DirectMarketingIQ
• Sponsored By: IBS Direct
• Duration: One hour

• Speakers: Grant Johnson, Founder and President, Johnson Direct; Steve Cuno, Founder and Chairman, RESPONSE Agency, Inc.

• Moderator: Ethan Boldt, Chief Content Manager, DirectMarketingIQ

• Click Here: Direct Mail Testing in 2010

Testing. Remember the glory days when direct mail testing was as normal as a mailbox full of mail? Nowadays, of course, testing is down and so is mail volume. But the latter didn't create the former and, if anything, makes 2010 the perfect opportunity to roll out tests, both big and small.

With reduced competition in the mailbox and prospects growing increasingly tired of email solicitations, 2010 can be the year of record response rates in direct mail, especially if you TEST and do it right. 

We're going to turn to two prominent direct marketers - Grant Johnson, president of Johnson Direct, and Steve Cuno, chairman of Response Agency - who both have rosters of big and small clients that still test. They're doing to reveal...

- Why testing is more important than ever in the current climate
- The science of a well run test
- Several tests that proved effective
- What tests that aren't being run right now, but should
- The best copy tests of today
- What type of offer tests are worth trying
- What size and type of formats that should be tested
- Different levels of personalization that can make for a winning test

Investing in this webinar will prove to be one of your best moves of 2010, as you'll walk away with a handful of actionable testing strategies for your direct mail program. And you'll see that testing doesn't have to cost a bundle, but can certainly make you one.

Registration fee: $79 (as an added bonus, all registrants will receive a free copy of our how-to guide: The Secrets of Direct Mail Testing!)

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Couldn't make it on April 13? No problem! Target Marketing Group webinars are archived for 90 days after the live event. Click above to register and get access to this webinar on-demand.



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