When did the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales events become a month-long parade of yawntastic email creative and mundane deals? In this episode of "What Were They Thinking?" Melissa expresses her frustration over her exploding inbox and concern that marketers may be overdoing it a bit to make the almighty buck.

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  • rchro7

    I couldn’t agree more. The longer each of these gimmicks last, the less effective they are and the more I swipe left and click the unsubscribe link. Newsflash: excessive marketing pushes me away. Don’t they understand? Contact is about quality, not quantity.

    • Melissa Ward

      I couldn’t have said it better! “Contact is about quality, not quantity.”

      I’ve spoken to a number of people about the Black Friday/Cyber Monday email deluge, and a constant thing brought up is that the offers weren’t anything special. 30% off? Big deal … for a number of these marketers, that is a very usual offer and doesn’t really inspire folks to open their wallets.

      And to be clear, I’m not suggesting marketers trip all over themselves to offer discounts that could be damaging to their bottom lines, perhaps just don’t email me all throughout November about a sale that is barely a sale.

      Thanks for watching!!!!

  • Johnny Rigs

    Sadly it’s just a different method of old school selling. The “take our product and ram it down their throat until they buy” technique developed around the 80s (and then glorified in movies like Wolves if Wallstreet) is still utilized because sadly it works. Information saturation almost makes you feel like your missing out on something. You begin to think, “well I keep hearing about it, maybe I should take part,” and that’s how they get you. Quality selling is based on client actual need and finding the solution to that need. Black Friday & Cyber Monday are just mafia land beat downs until the consumer finally caves.

    • Melissa Ward

      SUPER insightful Johnny! You’re absolutely right … and it works on many people, while annoying others (like me). Thanks for watching 🙂