In this episode of "What Were They Thinking?" Melissa's joined by a very special pint-sized guest to discuss the epic success of Furkids Rescue & Shelter's viral "Kitty Kommercial," and what all marketers can learn from it. Be

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  • rchro7

    Love this! It just goes to show that you don’t need to have a professional video crew and a huge budget to make a difference if you’re creative and genuine. Kudos to Furkids. Thanks, Sass Marketing for another great WWTT!

    • Melissa Ward

      That’s right! And because nonprofits regularly do more with less (and triumph), marketers with bigger (and ok, even the ones who have tiny budgets too) can learn A LOT from them.

      And well, you know, CATS.

      Thanks for watching!

  • Bill Williams

    why do we care? cats are disease carrying narcissistic animals that are one species jump away from rats

    • Melissa Ward

      Why do we, as marketers, care? Because this nonprofit animal rescue showed how passion, creativity and some clever editing could create a video that NOT ONLY went viral, but produced results.

      Results such as increased donations, gifts, supplies from their Amazon wishlist, volunteer applications and adoption applications. TANGIBLE RESULTS.

      That’s why we as marketers should care. Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, a bird person or a hamster person, there’s a lesson the benefit from.