Nothing celebrates women more than the letter "W," right? In this episode of "What Were They Thinking?" McDonald's flipped its iconic golden arches — for one day only, March 8 — in an effort to celebrate women for International Women's Day, which made Melissa want to flip a table. While the fast food chain also created a video celebrating one of its restaurant owners, Patricia Williams, as a hard-working entrepreneur, her story takes a backseat to the flipped sign.

McDonald's wasn't the only brand jumping into the foray of celebrating International Women's Day and National Women's Month ... Diageo, parent company of Johnnie Walker Black, has produced a limited edition run of Jane Walker, and to read more about it, check out "How Should We React to Jane Walker: A Scorecard for Marketing to Women" by Katie Martell.




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  • Arch Stanton

    well…everyone has to have something to complain about….smh.

  • Blue

    Swing and a miss! The scorecard in Katie Martell’s article is very good and should be used by every company attempting a similar type campaign.

  • Rants like this are why big-company marketers hate their jobs. They can’t win.

  • pentatonicscale

    How do you propose that McDonald’s get your attention draw attention to the profile of Patricia Williams? The reason that “all the focus was on the flipped arches” was because too many feigned false outrage at the flipped arches. YOU are part of the problem.

  • Randall Fleming

    Scotch? I was there long ago; Ward is brilliant, but now that she has announced her love for the water of life — and did so amid the right thrashing of a so-wrong marketing gimmick — I must admit I’m in love.