Leave it to members of the Kardashian-Jenner family to be in the news again for self-promotional antics. In this episode of "What Were They Thinking?" Melissa shares what she really thinks about Kendall and Kylie Jenner's "vintage" T-shirts that rip off

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  • It’s really amazing. With all the money they have, you’d think they’d hire a professional team who would advise them about misappropriating iconic brands. Just plain stupid.

  • seussman71

    SO glad you covered this. For being what their fans call “smart marketers” they have continuously shown that they are anything but. I hope many of the other bands/estates jump on the lawsuit train, because I’d love nothing more than to see this family go away for good. (muttering to self, while walking away: Unprofessional Narcissistic Hacks…that was a good one, Melissa).

    • Melissa Ward

      I do my best 🙂 Also, I couldn’t ignore it, since it was the ONE thing people emailed/tweeted me about!

  • Tony The Pitiful Copywriter

    This might be my favorite WTF (oops, I meant WWTT) video! Besides simple professional incompetence, I get the impression the JenKar Kamp exists in a bubble. Kind of like certain other “celebrities” we know more about than we’d like to. That bubble can hurt you!

    • Melissa Ward

      Thanks Tony! I agree about the bubble, but it also confounds me … like, HOW? How does one stay inside and do stuff like they did and NOT think there will be serious backlash???!

      • Tony The Pitiful Copywriter

        The problem with working inside a bubble (and don’t we ALL do this to some degree? Thank goodness for testing!) is that SOME of the things you’ve done in the past have WORKED. So why not this crazy idea? Also, celebrity brands are under pressure to create novelty and fresh experiences. In this case, freshly BAD.

  • Gary Pageau

    I am amazed people consider “JenKar” smart marketers. Let’s see them do something with a product other than themselves.

    • Melissa Ward

      Agreed Gary! Thanks for watching and leaving a comment.

  • Bart Foreman

    Love these WWTT inspirations. Buried in this one was an important nugget. Vet out your “influencers” carefully and I’ll go one step further and say, approve everything before it is released because your brand is always at risk. If there is ANY doubt, stop the presses. OOPs, we don’t have presses any more, but you get the idea.

  • Tony The Pitiful Copywriter

    The rules of appropriation are different for journalists and comedians (no really, it’s a thing. That’s how we can have parodies, like on SNL). JenKar was charging people money for their products.