The holiday season is upon us, so break out those ugly Christmas sweaters! In this episode of "What Were They Thinking?" Melissa looks at the latest "interactive" holiday offering from Burger King France and online streetwear brand Rad. And remember, if you have an awesome — or awful — campaign you want to share with us, drop Melissa an email!

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  • Small_Businessman

    Melissa, I usually agree with you – but sorry, not this time. I love the idea! If it were available in the U.S., I’d bet one in a New York second. But then I’m also an ugly Christmas Sweater fan – and I think this one is just great.

    • Melissa Ward

      The idea is definitely out there, I will give them that! And there is a large group of ugly Christmas sweater fans out there, so if this appeals to them, then rock on! I’ll just be over here, wearing a retro dress 🙂

      Thanks for watching!!!