Millennials don’t trust advertising — only 1 percent of this generation admits that a compelling ad has influenced their buying decisions. Millennials need to know you before they trust you, they want transparency and they want interaction. Windsor Hanger Western of

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  • Les Radford

    Great advice, I’m 58 my oldest son is 31. I have a boy and girl (twins) that are 26 our youngest son is 23. I’m a bit old school. Just like tonight I went to the grocery store had a kist on a piece of yellow legal pad. I noticed most everyone had an IPhone I’ve been in marketing and sales all my adult working life. but I’m still teachable thanks, Les Radford

  • If by “connection” and “authenticity” you mean regurgitated content that the generation consumes, OK. But memes and jokey pop culture reference may be the Millenials’ Achilles heel. Relating is one thing. Real connection and meeting need is another. I do not see this campaign doing that.