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Top Olympic Ads Tap Emotion

Americans seemingly don’t want to let go of Rio 2016. The emotional attachment’s been apparent through ad engagement and endless

Facebook Tool Cures Ad Blocking?

Facebook says there are such things as “bad ads,” even from brands that pay Facebook to show them. And Facebook has a way to fix that,

Instagram Stories Pros and Cons

Last week Instagram introduced Instagram Stories, and like most new digital things, the Internet erupted into the usual yelling

Facebook Live Growing Up Fast

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that most of you reading this have not thought seriously about Facebook Live yet…

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Instagram debuted its Stories features earlier this month — users share photos and videos to their followers, which expire 24 hours after they are posted. It's the exact same model as Snapchat, but with a bigger audience. Looking at this from a marketing standpoint, who wins the battle of stories?

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