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Coverage of direct mail production, including digital printing, offset printing, inline printing, personalization, paper/ink selection, environmental issues, soft proofing and workflow tactics. Get information on the back-end of direct marketing, including order processing, picking/packing, flats and parcel shipping and returns management.


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Catalogs Shrink After USPS Hike

PPR1213_ProdShow_BWPress March 21, 2014

With the USPS enacting a 5.9 percent increase across all mailing types, the largest rate hike for print mailings since 2007, catalog mailers are being...

Over 200 Irresistible Direct Mail and Print Designs

March 5, 2014

When comparing direct mail to digital, we make a lot out of the tangible experience of opening the mail piece. But marketers often overlook how...

A Catalog Strategy to Offset the USPS Rate Hike

Mini Slim Catalogs March 3, 2014

If the largest USPS print mailing rate hike since 2007 survives industry appeals, a 5.9 percent increase across all mailing types will likely force many...

Nuts & Bolts - Case Study : eHealth Finds Fulfillment With 'Personal Trainer'

Health Stethoscope March 2014

Many fitness routines concentrate on strengthening core muscles before worrying about the rest of the body. eHealth, a Mountain View, Calif.-based online marketplace for individual...

Catalogers Need to Capture the Downturn in Paper Prices

White Papers January 13, 2014

Paper prices moved lower in the last half of 2013. It's time to review with your catalog printer your paper prices. Paper costs represent up...

Print's Not Dead: Print Marketing Will Thrive in 2014 and Beyond

Money letterpress January 10, 2014

As technology continues to develop—and change the way we do business—many have considered print a dead medium and online marketing the wave of the future....

Nuts & Bolts - Case Study : Nutritionist Finds Sweet Fulfillment Success

DVD February 2014

Nutrition and fitness guru J.J. Virgin knows so much about the evils of sugar in white bread and other foods that she can, and will,...

Going From Square Inch Analysis to Setting the Number of Pages for Your Catalog

ROI1012_catalogs December 11, 2013

Here's the analysis for catalogers to review page and item profitability. What do you do with the calculation of profitability? I push for a few...

Amazon Tests Drones for Same-Day Parcel Delivery, Bezos Says

Amazon Octocopter December 3, 2013 Inc. is testing drones to deliver goods as the world’s largest e-commerce company works to improve efficiency and speed in getting products to consumers. ...

Direct Marketing: Top 5 Variable Data Printing Tips

Money letterpress November 26, 2013

The success of your direct marketing depends on an accurate, targeted and personalized mailing list. Variable data allows you to interact with your customers and...