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All matters relevant to online marketing, including Web site maintenance and design, e-mail marketing, e-commerce strategies, among others.


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Denny's Zinger: YO! GOTCHA! Ads, Ads, Ads—In Unexpected Places

Ads Everywhere: Urinals October 10, 2014

Ads are ubiquitous. You see them on the sides of SUVs, on kids' report cards, and on airport baggage carousels. Broke cities sell ads on...

Hold the Ads, Please: AdBlock Software Hits the Mainstream

Are your ads boring? October 9, 2014

When you were a kid, did you always ask for the crust to be cut off of your sandwich? Being picky isn't only consigned to...

What’s Different for Black Friday 2014?

Black Friday October 8, 2014

Smartphones will be a much bigger deal this year, but marketers don't have mobile sites ready for shopping—let alone buying. More e-commerce marketers will price...

How to Be a Welcome Marketer at LGBT Weddings

Wedding cake October 7, 2014

Congratulations! Mazeltov! Happy Wedding! There are all kinds of ways for travel, hospitality and more marketers to be welcome at nuptial celebrations, and same-sex marriages...

Client Maturity

Cyndie Shaffstall October 6, 2014

As an agency, or even a marketing department, you must work with clients of every possible ilk. Oh sure, your client might be your company's...

5 Ways Advertisers Could Benefit From Native Ads

Native Advertising Image October 3, 2014

There is no shortage of research showing the rapid rise of native advertising. According to eMarketer, native ad media spending is growing 29 percent this...

Window App-ing: Letting Apps Boost Your Online Sales

14 Marketing Tactics to Boost Online Sales October 2, 2014

Shopping? There's an app for that. Of course there is, here in today's digital age. But it probably isn't the type of app that you're...

Nuts & Bolts- E-commerce : Be Everywhere, Global E-sellers

E-commerce infographic October 2014

International marketers need to be in all online channels to maximize exposure to their audience, says ChannelAdvisor. In its "Multichannel E-Commerce Study" announced on Aug....

USPS to Dominate Grocery Delivery?

USPS sends grocers a surprise September 25, 2014

Talk about baking a surprise inside of the cake—the U.S. Postal Service testing grocery delivery in San Francisco was only the outer layer. The...

Using Beacons, Facial Recognition and Digital Displays for 1:1 Marketing

Apple Watch September 22, 2014

Whether in restaurants or banking, marketers face the challenge of creating an integrated, relevant and personalized experience across multiple channels. They must target a diverse...