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Information about advertising campaigns using direct mail, including formats, creative, copy and design. Issues surrounding postal matters relevant to direct marketers such as rate changes, rate classifications, mail sortation, postal discounts and U.S. Postal Service reform.


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Empower Your Direct Mail With Mobile

Summer Gould August 21, 2014

Direct mail marketing has been around for a long time; it's sometimes thought of as the "old goat" of marketing. Over the years there have...

Should USPS Continue Consolidation, Asks USPS OIG

USPS OIG poll re: USPS Phase 2 Consolidation August 19, 2014

Exactly 23 votes. That's how many subscribers to the Pushing the Envelope Blog for U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General cared enough to vote...

How the Brady Campaign Uses Anger to Inspire Action

Using Anger to Inspire Action August 19, 2014

Jim Brady, the former press secretary to Ronald Reagan, died Aug. 4, 33 years after he was shot in an attempted assassination of the president....

Should USPS Retrofit Facilities for E-commerce Fulfillment?

Chet Dalzell August 18, 2014

Three trends make me wonder if there's money to be found in U.S. Postal Service real estate. First, the Postal Service continues to bleed, despite...

6 Ways to Stop Mail Anonymous-ness!

VDP In Action 1 August 18, 2014

Despite direct mail being a so-called "traditional" marketing approach, it has had its own technological advances of late—advances that fundamentally change the way prospects engage...

Topless Model Looks Different on a Spreadsheet

Emily Ratajkowski GQ cover August 15, 2014

Lands' End is encountering angry reactions from some of its best customers after the clothing retailer sent out "gift" issues of GQ featuring model Emily...

What Did Mickey Do Wrong, Amazon?

Stephen Colbert on Amazon August 12, 2014

Air bags. Ammunition. Explosives. Gasoline. These are examples of items the U.S. Postal Service won't mail. Nowhere in there is the notice that USPS will...

Why Can't I Mail It? - Flats

Summer Gould August 7, 2014

As you know from parts one (postcards), two (self-mailers) and three (booklets) of "Why Can't I Mail It?," there are many times a design element...

Should USPS Be Charging More for Package Delivery?

Postal worker August 6, 2014

It seems Amazon, FedEx and UPS get all the credit for zippy package delivery when it's really the oft-dubbed "lumbering" U.S. Postal Service that's likely...

Denny's Daily Zinger: BMW's Barf Bag Mailing

BMW Barf Bag Mailing 1 August 6, 2014

Why would BMW send me a $3 mailing with a barf bag as the centerpiece? Peggy and I drive a 10-year-old used Jag. It works...