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Information about advertising campaigns using direct mail, including formats, creative, copy and design. Issues surrounding postal matters relevant to direct marketers such as rate changes, rate classifications, mail sortation, postal discounts and U.S. Postal Service reform.


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Beyond Data: Why 'Grit' May Matter More

University of Connecticut Logo April 14, 2014

This past month, I was reminded how vital it is to have grit to achieve success, that is "true grit." The sports world gave us...

Amazon Prime Air Expands: Bezos Tells of More Drones

Amazon Octocopter April 11, 2014

Nothing like a hot cup of coffee and a drone delivery of your mid-morning snack from Amazon. That’s what Amazon is banking on with their...

Is Store-Based Mail Delivery the Future? It's Happening in the UK.

USPS Truck on Street April 8, 2014

Activity will focus on the fact that CollectPlus has more than 5,500 pick-up points for its parcels, which are open early until late, seven days...

USPS Could Stay Competitive in Package Business, IG Says

USPS Logo April 4, 2014

The Postal Service could do more to improve the agency's competitiveness in the package business, including improving the rate that packages are scanned at post...

19 Steps to a Successful Direct Mail Campaign Timeline

Direct mail test April 3, 2014

There are many details that go into setting up a direct mail campaign. If you establish a set of procedures to follow for each mailing...

5 Ways to Stop Losing Money on Direct Mail Sampling Programs

Product Sampling April 2, 2014

For marketers who use direct mail sampling, it traditionally has been a "spray and pray" approach. They blindly give away numerous product samples through rental...

Editor's Notes : How Do You Use Mail Today?

Neumont University Infographic April 2014

Last month, we looked at what media marketers plan to use in 2014, and direct mail ranked high on your list of priorities. The follow-up...

Message & Media : Stop Them in Their Tracks

Wall Street Journal violator April 2014

Are you using violators to capture your scanner's attention and quickly transform him or her into a reader-responder? If not, why not? A violator is...

Schafer: It's Scary How Well Marketers Know You

Search April 1, 2014

A letter from Wells Fargo Bank pitching a debt consolidation loan to my wife was so off base it could only have been generated by...

15 Odd Things That Make Direct Mail Fundraising Appeals Successful

Komen’s Personal Touch April 1, 2014

The doctor I interviewed for a recent appeal was great. We got into this geeky discussion of recent neuroscience and how it can shape behavior....