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The New Letter

When looking at a direct mail letter, does your eye stop at the top of the page and focus on the headline centered in the Johnson box, or move elsewhere? If, like most direct mail marketers, your biggest concern is achieving a good overall ROI against rising postage and production costs, testing a single letter element like a Johnson box may not be the first item on your agenda.

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Total Retail's Top 100 Omnichannel Retailers

In its first ever ranking of 100 publicly traded retailers by their omnichannel capabilities, Total Retail, in conjunction with Radial, a leading omnichannel commerce technology and operations provider, offer a blueprint for brands on how to deliver the seamless, quick and enjoyable customer experiences that today’s digitally savvy consumers demand.

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Content and Digital Asset Management

Structured Data + Integrated CMS = Optimized Marketing

With an integrated content management system using structured data, retailers can more easily manage their marketing message, including updating product descriptions, product images, product pricing, web content (e.g., online catalogs, blog posts, videos) and advertisements (promotions, discounts, offers). This capability promotes brand consistency, eliminates unforced errors and gives retailers the flexibility to quickly make changes based upon factors such as product demand, inventory levels, weather, marketing promotions, among others.

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Direct Mail

Capital One Investing's Personal Direct Mail

An investment advisory company uses direct mail to make a low-pressure offer for personalized service. Please complete the form below for a free PDF of this direct mail package and a more in-depth analysis, thanks to Who’s Mailing What! and Target Marketing.

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Direct Response

5 Ways to Use Deadlines to Super-Charge Response

If you aren't using deadlines online and offline, you should be. The fear of loss pushes a wishy-washy fence-sitter over the edge of indecision, creating clicks, calls and traffic to your website. Deadlines work whether they appear in direct mail, email or mobile media. In fact, tests show they almost guarantee a lift in response because they create urgency.

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