Tom Foti

The United States Postal Service is letting marketers place SMS calls to action, mobile bar codes and digital watermarks on direct mail in an upcoming campaign that will give businesses a 2 percent discount on qualified pieces. The direct mail coupon and click-to-call campaign promotion runs from March 1 to April 30. The USPS has tested several mobile initiatives that included QR Codes, but this is the first time that SMS has been added to the mix with discounts for businesses that equip their mail with mobile. "Our strategy is to bring awareness to marketers, retailers and all our customers

I recently attended the PostCom meeting June 5-6 this year. Several presenters shared the direction of the USPS and important regulatory changes. The following is what I found important to share from these sessions. Network Rationalization Presentation By Chris Oronzio: Reliability and consistency is the key to sustaining the USPS. Phase 1 of consolidating facilities will start July 2012 and end Feb. 2013. There won’t be any movement during holiday months. Major cost savings will be realized from realignment of transportation between facilities since overnight 1st Class service will be phased out

During July and August, mailers launching campaigns incorporating two-dimensional, smartphone-friendly barcodes will qualify for an upfront 3 percent postage discount. As for the labor contract that becomes effective today, it is projected to save $3.8 billion over its duration.

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