Tom Daly

As he has for the past three years, Tom Daly, group director for global connections at Coca-Cola, opened Mobile Marketer's Mobile FirstLook: Strategy 2014 conference in New York City earlier this week. He provided attendees with an insightful overview of whether Coke achieved the mobile goals it had laid out for 2013 as well as where it intends to head in the year ahead. Strategically, Daly said, the role of mobile at Coca-Cola remains the same: to use a phone in one hand and to put a Coke in the other. "It's about enabling desire," Daly said.

Responsive design is becoming a very hot topic amongst mobile marketers. While many believe the technology is a step forward in the quest for strong mobile experiences, others disagree. What is not up for debate is that brands are flocking to responsive design in growing numbers as a solution to the issue of device fragmentation and the need to provide a consistent user experience across devices. However, whether responsive design is the answer to these problems or merely a quick stop along the way toward finding a more permanent solution is not yet clear

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