Shelley Ellis

There is power in teamwork, but it also takes the right combination to make a great team. In the Google Display Network, combining strategies can help you increase traffic while refining your audience. The wrong mixture of strategies can mean too much or too little traffic, or you could end up with a too-broad audience or one that is too small to justify their own campaign or AdGroup. Topic targeting used all by itself can also be very powerful, especially for branding, new product launches or to get on a wide variety of sites

Many of you have taken the first steps toward setting up remarketing campaigns. It may be time to review and refine those strategies. This exercise should give you clarification about your remarketing objectives, show you where you may be overlapping audiences across campaigns and show you where you may be missing exclusions. It may open up some creative thoughts that lead to additional audiences, tags and campaigns. Using a spreadsheet, make a list of your all your current and/or potential remarketing audiences. Here is a list of columns to get started

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