Hurricane Sandy

The calendar year wouldn’t be complete without a few social media fails. In 2012, plenty of big brands and organizations suffered serious backlashes on social networks like Twitter and Facebook for offensive tweets, questionable ad campaigns or controversial company statements. Some, like McDonald’s, attempted good-natured social media campaigns that simply took unexpected turns. Others, like StubHub’s and KitchenAid’s Twitter accounts mistakenly send out shocking tweets. If there’s one lesson to take away from this year’s fails, it’s that brands need to be particularly careful when it comes to tying a promotion or post to a big, public event.

Government agencies in the U.S. are warning the public that scammers may try to exploit good-hearted people in order to profit from the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy. For the last two days, Hurricane Sandy has caused disaster all over the eastern U.S. and Canada. Millions of people have lost power and the damages are expected to be extensive. Dozens of people have died. Knox News reports the IRS is warning that people wanting to "open their hearts and wallets" to donate to relief causes could be targeted by scammers. The Ohio Attorney General's Office has issued a similar alert.

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