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It’s Time to Own the Customer Experience
Grant Halloran
Experience Meter   It's time for marketers to stop describing what they do as "brand management." Instead, as we see how "customer experience" and "brand" are becoming interchangeable, marketers should hold their heads high and proudly proclaim their mission is to be "customer experience management."... more »
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USPS Delays Price Increase
Heather Fletcher
Direct mail test   E-commerce marketers and direct mailers won't be seeing price increases on April 26, the U.S. Postal Service announced on Friday. The organization says its board of governors decided to postpone the raises because implementing "piecemeal" rate changes would be unfair to customers, reads the statement requested by Target Marketing on Friday and emailed by Dave Partenheimer, USPS media relations manager.... more »
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What Does a Data Marketer Look Like?
Chet Dalzell
Chet Dalzell   The currency of nearly all marketing today is data. Ten years ago, we might have said much the same of digital marketing, and all the email, display, social, search, and mobile that's came forward from it.... more »
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Live From Your Brand … It’s Saturday Night! Live-Streaming for Marketers
Jeremy Zimmerman
Meerkat Video   Video has always been a "killer app," even before apps really came along. In marketing, it's reassuring to see another person's face and hear their voice. As the concept of Content Marketing came along, video was rolled into that, as well. Storytelling on film and through powerful video ads are other ways that video can help make the sale.... more »
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Make Marketing Globalization a Priority
By Heidi Lorenzen
Heidi Lorenzen   When you consider that anyone, anywhere can go online to access information about products and services, every company that has a website is inherently global from day one. However, to really maximize the opportunity for global growth and revenue, globally focused companies need to prioritize "marketing globalization" to target and engage audiences in international markets.... more »
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[30 Days Away!] The Marketing Innovation Summit for B2B
[30 Days Away!] The Marketing Innovation Summit for B2B   Join 500+ of the most progressive B2B marketers April 29-30th at AT&T Park in San Francisco! Walk away with exclusive insight on new trends in B2B marketing and actionable strategies in targeting, personalization & demonstrating ROI. Experts at GE, SiriusDecisions, Domo,, Citrix, and more! Use code TMG125 to save $125. View the agenda... more »
The Marketing Tech Explosion – How to Manage and Structure for the Next Revolution
Marketer's today are looking for every advantage they can to stay competitive and improve customer experience. Many are looking to the explosion of new marketing technology to provide the answers. The allure of low cost, easy implementation and quick results has marketers large and small jumping into the game head first.

But the marketing tech revolution is... more »
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