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USPS Q&A: What Does the Future Hold?
Heather Fletcher
Cliff Rucker   Direct marketers want to know what the U.S. Postal Service plans to do to survive and, hopefully, to thrive in an environment that's increasingly more supportive of its package delivery services than its traditional workhorse, First Class mail. So Target Marketing interviewed USPS Sales VP Cliff Rucker. He answered all but one question on Tuesday, and delayed answering "Will you... more »
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Personalized Content Primer: How to Make the Most of the Dynamic Web
Cristin Siegel
Cristin Siegel Headshot   There is an increasing amount of buzz circulating about Web personalization these days. Many organizations embarking on significant site redesigns are considering it. But what is personalization exactly? How does it work? Does it make sense for all organizations. For years, user experience specialists have advocated the practice of designing online experiences with both a company's goals and a user's... more »
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Lousy Ledes
Denny Hatch
BCS Lousy Ledes   Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Praise him for the Kindle here below. I can catch a TV interview with the author of a new book and have a sample on my Kindle while the interview is still in progress. If the sample works for me, I'll have the book in my Kindle account 60 seconds later. Amazon sends... more »
6 Keys to Search Success in 2014
Amanda G. Watlington, Ph.D.
Amanda G. Watlington, Ph.D.   What if someone gave you scientific data on what hundreds of sites are doing to get thousands of top keyword rankings on Google? Would you, or could you, make changes to your site to match the criteria for achieving these rankings? The data is now available. Searchmetrics has just released a new study, part of a multiyear longitudinal study on... more »
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Special Events Software: Saving Time and Effort for Fundraising Events
Joe Boland
Joe Boland   As fundraisers, you know what goes in to planning an event, but it's easy to overlook how time-consuming certain aspects of actually executing a special event can be. Events software can help alleviate some of those issues and take the stress off the plate of fundraisers and event managers.... more »
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7 Ways Predictive Intelligence Can Elevate Your Email Marketing
7 Ways Predictive Intelligence Can Elevate Your Email Marketing   In this guide, you will learn the key benefits for adding personalized, real-time content to your email messaging. With each and every email interaction, you can take your marketing to the next level while building customer relationships that last. Download this resource now for deeper insight into a cohesive and personalized email marketing strategy.... more »
6 Keys to Sales and Marketing Alignment
6 Keys to Sales and Marketing Alignment   If your sales and marketing teams are constantly at each other's throats, it might be time to consider a solution that can help automate lead qualification and assignment, take the tedium out of lead nurturing, and improve marketing accountability with accurate ROI reporting. Marketing automation can do all of this and more — meaning that your marketing team can focus... more »
Customer Analytics for Dummies
Customer Analytics for Dummies   In this book, you take a look at the concepts for getting started with customer analytics and the specific techniques you can employ to enhance relationships with customers, increase revenue, and ultimately, make your organization more competitive. Customer Analytics For Dummies, IBM Limited Edition, also gives you a perspective about how big data can be transformed from a never-ending supply... more »
Brunch & Learn: Big Things You Can Do With Little Data
For some marketers, "Big Data" is a challenge that leaves many giving up before diving deep. But it may surprise you to learn there are some imaginative and creative ways you can craft highly engaging and effective marketing messages for your target audience with just a little data intelligence. Marketing expert Carolyn Goodman will share how marketers can put "Little Data"... more »
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