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‘Futurist’ Predicts End of Direct Mail, USPS Official Tells Congress
Heather Fletcher
First Class mail decrease 091714   In 30 years, "there will be no paper" a "futurist" told the U.S. Postal Service's Board of Governors a couple years ago, Board Chairman Mickey D. Barnett told the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. During Barnett's statement on Wednesday to the body considering his nomination to serve another term, he adds USPS needs to shift away... more »
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3 Revenue-Generating CRM Strategies
Rebecca Barkan
CRM key   To develop a full-lifecycle view of customers, marketers must rely on customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Once you have a solid CRM technology platform in place, fueled by good data, you can begin to put revenue-generating strategies in place. Here are three CRM tactics to start with:... more »
3 Ways to Waste Time on LinkedIn, but Feel Good About It
Jeff Molander
Jeff Molander   Ever feel like beating down all those bad tips for LinkedIn that we've all had enough of? You know, the tips and tricks that give us a week's worth of satisfaction—followed by that sinking feeling. "Ugh... why did I invest any time in that?!" Well, today is your day to call out those time-wasters and discover what to do instead.... more »
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Denny’s Daily Zinger: I Missed a Period
Denny Hatch
Chateau   In my Sept. 10 "Zinger" I wrongfully accused New York Times journalist Helene Cooper of creating an unreadable sentence of 76 words. In actuality, she wrote two very difficult sentences of 36 words and 40 words, respectively. I missed a period. My apologies to Helene Cooper and apologies to all readers. And many thanks to the 12 readers who took... more »
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Gift Cards and Mobile Make a Perfect Match
By Mike Fletcher
Mike Fletcher, InComm Digital Solutions   Mobile technology is making it possible for consumers to quickly access digital gift cards from their mobile devices, opening up new sales and promotional opportunities for retailers. Not only are mobile gift cards a great tool for last-minute shopping, but they're also growing as a personal budgeting tool. With the mobile gift card market growing as quickly as it is,... more »
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New Free e-Book Reveals 30+ Years of Tested B-to-B Marketing Secrets
New Free e-Book Reveals 30+ Years of Tested B-to-B Marketing Secrets   Now, in Bob Bly's 147-page e-book "The Business-to-Business Marketing Handbook," you'll discover 30+ years of tested B-to-B marketing secrets, including 10 tips for increasing landing page conversion rates … the 6 key components of effective B-to-B offers … 4 SEO copywriting tips … and more.... more »
Using Email to Refine Your Marketing Strategy: 25 Email Elements to Test
Using Email to Refine Your Marketing Strategy: 25 Email Elements to Test   How do you know when your email marketing strategy is effective and maximizing response rates? With more than two dozen key variables to test and valuable information about how to interpret results, our white paper can make your next email your best campaign yet.... more »
DIRECT MAIL – IT WORKS. USE IT!   Hey marketers and business owners: THE FACTS ARE IN! Studies show direct mail not only increases ROI, it leaves a deeper footprint on the human brain! Did you know the average return for direct marketing is 12X your original investment per Customer Lifetime Value? How is your current advertising performing in comparison? Let's review…... more »
360º INTEGRATions Blends The Most Effective Direct Marketing Technologies and Tools To Achieve Maximum Impact
360º INTEGRATions Blends The Most Effective Direct Marketing Technologies and Tools To Achieve Maximum Impact   360ºINTEGRATions tools powered by the ExactTarget's Journey Builder platform allow SG360º customers to bridge the gap between direct mail and digital marketing.  We invite you to stop by and visit us at CONNECTIONS 2014 to learn more.... more »
Brunch & Learn: Big Things You Can Do With Little Data
For some marketers, "Big Data" is a challenge that leaves many giving up before diving deep. But it may surprise you to learn there are some imaginative and creative ways you can craft highly engaging and effective marketing messages for your target audience with just a little data intelligence. Marketing expert Carolyn Goodman will share how marketers can put "Little Data"... more »
6 Keys to Sales and Marketing Alignment
6 Keys to Sales and Marketing Alignment   If your sales and marketing teams are constantly at each other's throats, it might be time to consider a solution that can help automate lead qualification and assignment, take the tedium out of lead nurturing, and improve marketing accountability with accurate ROI reporting. Marketing automation can do all of this and more — meaning that your marketing team can focus... more »
Customer Analytics for Dummies
Customer Analytics for Dummies   In this book, you take a look at the concepts for getting started with customer analytics and the specific techniques you can employ to enhance relationships with customers, increase revenue, and ultimately, make your organization more competitive. Customer Analytics For Dummies, IBM Limited Edition, also gives you a perspective about how big data can be transformed from a never-ending supply... more »
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