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Can Augmented Reality Add Value to Print?
Summer Gould
Nexos Latinos AR   Neither print nor digital alone are enough to truly lift your ROI for most applications. You often need both, working together strategically, to create the lift you're looking for. Print is tangible, easily saved for future use, can be passed on to others, can be very targeted, and is memorable. Digital is fast, has a cool factor, can be personalized,... more »
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How the Brady Campaign Uses Anger to Inspire Action
Peggy Hatch
Using Anger to Inspire Action   Jim Brady, the former press secretary to Ronald Reagan died Aug. 4, 33 years after he was shot in an attempted assassination of the president. Recently, a direct mail appeal came across my desk from the Brady Campaign. The full-color envelope stood out on my desk, featuring an image of a candlelight vigil. Contained within, the 2-page letter was signed... more »
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Who's Mailing What
A World-Class News Release
Denny Hatch
Perfect Press Release   As writer of five columns a week, my inbox is a veritable cascade of news releases. Sometimes there are 50 a day or more. A good 90 percent of them are unreadable. But a couple of weeks ago, a subject line popped out of the morass:"Infographic: Who is a fraud perpetrator?" What followed was an email release-perfect in every way:... more »
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The Cross-Channel Copywriting Handbook
Should USPS Continue Consolidation, Asks USPS OIG
Heather Fletcher
USPS OIG poll re: USPS Phase 2 Consolidation   Exactly 23 votes. That's how many subscribers to the Pushing the Envelope Blog for U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General cared enough to vote on whether USPS should continue with Phase 2 of its consolidation plan. As of 1:30 p.m. on Monday, this was the total response level among newsletter subscribers who saw the subject line, "Should the Postal... more »
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Are the People Reading Your Mail Ruining It?
Willis Turner
Willis Turner   Here are 17 ways to help others judge a fundraising letter.
... more »
DMIQ Bookstore- Profiting from the Magic Marketing of Metrics
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[Live Webinar] Refresh Your Approach to 1:1 Marketing
[Live Webinar] Refresh Your Approach to 1:1 Marketing   Companies can differentiate themselves from their competitors through the relationships they have with their customers. Discover the massive role personalization plays in the customer experience in this live webinar featuring guest speaker from Forrester Research, Inc. on Thursday August 28th.
Register Now!... more »
10 Tips for Accelerating Your Pipeline
10 Tips for Accelerating Your Pipeline   This white paper will cover all of the ways that marketing automation can help accelerate your pipeline! Over 25% of sales cycles take 7 months or longer to close (Harvard University). That's why it's important for marketers and salespeople alike to start thinking about the health of their sales cycle — because the longer your sales cycle, the longer it... more »
Brunch & Learn: How to Write Effective Email and LinkedIn Messages that Boost Response
We know how important the subject line is, but once you get the prospect to open your email, you need to hold their attention and get them to respond. And that often is not as easy as it sounds. Learn how to craft response-generating emails and LinkedIn messages with seasoned pro Jeff Molander, who knows how to move past engagement... more »
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