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How Gmail Changed the Delivery Game
Reggie Brady
Emails in Gmail's Primary and Promotions tabs   Here's a look at how Gmail and changes this ISP has introduced during the past year and a half affect marketers.... more »
Want 20-Somethings to Buy From You? Let This Segment of Millennials Talk to Themselves
Heather Fletcher
Millennial UGC Infographic   When marketing to the youngest Millennials, let them talk to themselves. They trust each other more than they trust marketers, according to marketing vendor Industry Weapon. In other words, deploy user-generated content whenever possible. In a Thursday email to Target Marketing highlighting content from an older blog post, Industry Weapon at times sounds like it's just short of calling this... more »
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Mentoring: Give a Little, Get a Lot
Carolyn Goodman
Carolyn Goodman   Last summer I heard that my alma mater was launching a mentoring program between graduates and enrolled Seniors. Even though I no longer reside in my college town, I quickly volunteered to be a guinea pig for remote mentoring... more »
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Denny's Zinger: Spam—Copy We Can All Learn From!
Denny Hatch
Dr. Moore   Every once in a while a spam effort catches my eye, and I have to look. Such was the letter from Dr. George Moore, Director in Charge of the International Monetary Fund.... more »
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5 Tips for Using Campaign Data to Build Your Next Marketing Budget
By Bonnie Crater
Bonnie Crater, Full Circle CRM   Campaign data is an incredibly valuable tool for creating marketing budgets and projecting close rates. It also helps marketers zero in on campaign influence factors they can use to accurately assess and demonstrate the value of their programs. Here are five ways to use campaign data in the budgeting and campaign development process:... more »
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Show Your Video Marketing Strategy Some Love
Show Your Video Marketing Strategy Some Love   Whether you've been using video for a while or need help getting started, we’ve compiled 5 key questions and answers as well as 5 quick wins to help you get the most out of your video content.
Download the bundle to learn:
*How to drive business results with video
*5 quick wins to use video marketing like a pro
*The... more »
Free Webinar With Bob Bly: How to Write and Design Landing Pages That Increase Conversion Rates, Orders and Sales
Free Webinar With Bob Bly: How to Write and Design Landing Pages That Increase Conversion Rates, Orders and Sales   Want to double or triple conversion rates, leads and online sales with a great landing page? In this webinar, expert online marketing strategist, Bob Bly breaks down the crucial elements of a successful landing page—from content to content placement—and covers other significant factors you must consider when creating & promoting your landing pages.... more »
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