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Arthur Middleton Hughes Leaves a Rich Direct Marketing Leadership Legacy
Heather Fletcher
Aae0619_feature1_photo   A legend in his own time, Hughes was a popular direct marketing speaker, author, blogger and more. Family and friends report Arthur Middleton Hughes passed away on Aug. 20 after a heart attack. The Ft. Lauderdale resident was 86. … "Since the original publication in 1994 and now in its fourth edition, Arthur Middleton Hughes' seminal text 'Strategic Database Marketing'... more »
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Inbound Marketing
Joe Dysart
Leads   The sheer spectrum of possibilities for inbound marketing and lead generation can be daunting, but you can easily take advantage of the method if you know how to prioritize the tools available.
... more »
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DMIQ Bookstore- Write Everything Right
Mistake or Clever Test?
Carolyn Goodman
Carolyn Goodman   As marketers, we know that consumers are accustomed to providing personal information in exchange for something free. As business-to-business marketers, we know that gated content is one of the best ways to build a database of prospects. So the email I received recently from MarketingSherpa really surprised me... more »
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Who's Mailing What
5 Quick Ways to Hone Your Marketing Skills
Chris Lucas
Formstack infographic 7 Skills New Marketers Need to Succeed   Digital marketers are always looking for quick (and free!) ways to improve their talents. Formstack created a new infographic titled "7 Skills New Marketers Need to Succeed," which highlights several areas where marketers can stay on the cutting edge. One of the biggest challengers for marketers is tackling data and analytics. According to the infographic, two of four new marketing... more »
Denny’s Daily Zinger: When Is a Brand Dead?
Denny Hatch
Ivory Zinger   This past summer came a stunning announcement: "Floating an Idea: Would P&G Sell Ivory Soap?" The New York Times further writes, "As Company Pares Brands, an Icon's Status is Weighed Against Sinking Sales." I grew up with Ivory soap. Throughout my life, I would try different brands—often with negative reactions. Whereupon, I went back to Ivory. Ditching Ivory would be... more »
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The Dynamic Duo
Today's Featured Resources
Download If You Send Marketing Email
Download If You Send Marketing Email   A must read for email marketers! Learn the components of effective email design while gaining insight into what's involved in creating an attractive and effective email that encourages a reader to act! Get full explanations of each email design component and how they work together to evoke positive action.... more »
Ultimate Guide to Assessing Your Digital Marketing Program
Ultimate Guide to Assessing Your Digital Marketing Program   In the rush to create the next big campaign, many marketers never get around to evaluating how their programs are working. Learn how to conduct a self-assessment that enables you to make substantial progress compared to what you'd achieve otherwise. Download your copy today!... more »
The 5 Steps to Profit with Google AdWords
Paid search is the Othello of marketing channels: A minute to learn, a lifetime to master. That accessibility, and a few early, easy sales, can make it seem like child's play. But it's not. And the more of its strategy you master, the more rewarding it will be to your bottom line.

Join online marketing expert and... more »
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The Complete Guide to Lead Nurturing
Lead nurturing, also called drip marketing, is one of the most powerful and sought-after features of a marketing automation system. With the ability to drive revenue from a database of leads that you've already built — with minimal investment on the part of sales and marketing — lead nurturing has the potential to transform the way you do business. Want... more »
20 Tips for the Customer-Centric Marketer
20 Tips for the Customer-Centric Marketer   Having a customer-centric marketing strategy is key to business success. By listening to and anticipating your buyers' needs, you can improve your close rates, increase your retention rates, and positively impact the overall customer experience. Take a look at this white paper to get more information!... more »
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