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Too Personal
Andy Zimmerman
Sprout Social example   As digital marketers, we can cite countless studies that illustrate how our customers want more relevance... more »
More On Database, Lists and CRM
3 Tips To Boost Email Engagement With Customer Data
Dan Roy
Email at sign gear   Today's savvy marketers have a responsibility to engage with customers effectively, across multiple channels and through diversified, personalized messaging. Despite the proliferation of social media platforms and the noise around them, email remains the leading marketing channel, as a $6.5 billion industry worldwide.... more »
More On Email
Hottest 2014 Marketing Tip for Small Business? Put Aside a Budget!
Carolyn Goodman
Carolyn Goodman   Over 50 percent of the working population (120 million) work in a small business, and that trend is growing. According to the SBA definition, there were nearly 28 million small businesses in 2013, and 6 million of those had employees beyond just the owner... more »
More On Marketing Strategy
DMA Names Lindsay Hutter SVP of Communications
Heather Fletcher
Lindsay Hutter, DMA SVP of communications   Lindsay Hutter, the Direct Marketing Association's new SVP of communications, says she'll take a "stoplight" approach to what to change about DMA's communications strategy. She spoke with Target Marketing on Thursday afternoon before departing for the Saturday start of DMA2014 in San Diego... more »
More On Marketing Strategy
Denny's Zinger: Why Your Ads Get No Response
Denny Hatch
Canada Shootout   You have ads running. A nut in Canada goes on a shooting spree. Two dead—the nut and a Canadian soldier. U.S. media treats it like the start of World War III.
... more »
Today's Featured Resources
Express Webinar: Learn to Match Your Marketing Content to Your Sales Funnel
Express Webinar: Learn to Match Your Marketing Content to Your Sales Funnel   View this rapid-fire webinar with leading Internet direct marketing authority, Reggie Brady. In just 20 minutes you'll have the knowledge to create a plan of action that'll help identify where leads are in the sales cycle and how to develop a sequence of offers and communications to support those different stages.... more »
The Silver Bullet for Driving Sales & Impressions: DATA
Data-driven marketing is not a new concept, but with the explosion of sales channels and rising consumer expectations, marketers and marketing service providers must leverage data to deliver a more personal experience. Data-driven marketing is about collecting traditional offline data and connecting it with online data, including browsing behaviors and social networks. Once all that data is analyzed, it can... more »
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