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Seeking Experience
Cristin Siegel
Cristin Siegel Headshot   Having hired many user experience (UX) freelancers, and now taking on the role of a freelancer myself, I know how difficult it can be to find the right match between project, team and UX specialist. Here are a handful of tips on finding the right freelance candidate for your open UX position.... more »
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Mail... Kimp? Podcast Ad Wins Hearts and Minds
Jeremy Zimmerman
Mail Kimp   If you've heard any episode of the criminally addicting podcast, Serial, then you've probably also heard the adorable pre-roll advertisement from email marketing solution provider MailChimp, which features several real people reading a script. One of the readers—a young girl, by the sound of it—flubs the line and says "Mail... Kimp?" apparently not knowing how to pronounce "chimp," yet.... more »
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How Do You Spell ROI?
Chuck McLeester
Chuck McLeester   Return on Investment: Everybody's talking about ROI, but not everyone agrees on what it is. Given the various ways that I've heard marketers bandy about the term ROI, I wonder how many of them really understand the concept, and how many just use the term as a buzzword. There's certainly a disconnect between the way many marketers use of the... more »
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After Dec. 8, Will SCOTUS Force E-commerce Sites to Collect State Sales Tax?
Heather Fletcher
DMA vs. Brohl path to SCOTUS   Right now, e-commerce marketers have to keep track of laws in 50 states and collect taxes—or not—accordingly. After Dec. 8, all that could change. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) says it's headed to court—the highest court in the land, to be precise—on that date in order to fight Colorado's law requiring "out-of-state merchants to turn over confidential purchase history information... more »
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7 Easy Fixes for E-Commerce Personalization
By Liad Agmon
Dynamic Yield’s CEO Liad Agmon   An overwhelming majority of e-commerce website managers accept the grim reality that over 97 percent of visitors will abandon their site without ever making a purchase. The increasing minority that's challenging this status quo is looking to the innovators., still the biggest e-tailer on the planet, consistently reports conversion rates of 30 percent or more. While a strong brand... more »
Today's Featured Resources
Free Marketing Kit: How To Develop A Buyer Persona And Attract Your Ideal Customers
Free Marketing Kit: How To Develop A Buyer Persona And Attract Your Ideal Customers   Download this 4-step guide (w/ editable template) to create your own buyer persona. It's time to stop making generalized assumptions about your ideal customer and start targeting them through a well-thought out and researched buyer persona. All facets of your inbound marketing strategy will improve because you'll be creating marketing materials for the customers you want.... more »
FREE Whitepaper: EMV Rollout Will Impact Your Bottom Line. Learn How.
FREE Whitepaper: EMV Rollout Will Impact Your Bottom Line. Learn How.   As EMV rolls out in the U.S., CNP fraud is expected to more than double by 2018 to over $6.3 billion. This whitepaper will explore the projected growth rate of both e-commerce and CNP fraud and how the EMV rollout will compound this already alarming problem. Get your free copy!... more »
Email Mixology: Balancing Demand Gen and Demand Response
Email marketing is known as one of the most effective channels out there for demand response marketing. From chasing up abandoned carts, responding to activity in other channels and targeting offers based on subscriber profile data, email is the perfect 1-2-1 channel that reaches almost the entire online population, is low-cost and highly measureable. But what about email subscribers who... more »
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