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SoMo War of the Sexes: How Women and Men Use Mobile, Social Media
Thorin McGee
Miles Apart: Men vs. Women   "The biggest disruptive convergence today is fueled differently by both sexes." So begins the infographic released by Ruby Media and FinancesOnline.com, "Miles Apart: How Women and Men Use Social Media on Mobile." The graphic pulls together data from Nielsen, Pew, ExactTarget and Simmons Connect to expose a multifaceted picture of what your target markets do different on Mars and Venus.... more »
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Are Autoresponders Killing Email Marketing?
Gary Hennerberg
Gary Hennerberg   Two events in the same week have triggered an email unsubscribe flurry on my behalf. First, a change in my spam provider is permitting more unwanted emails than to usual leak through. And second, a conversation with a long-time colleague and regular reader of my blog, where she wondered if marketing automation software is being abused to a point where... more »
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Lower Pay Rates Are Boosting USPS's Finances
From Dead Tree Edition
Partly because of a shift to lower-paid employees, the U.S. Postal Service experienced a rare improvement in its business last year, according to a Postal Regulatory Commission analysis. But the PRC warned that USPS is still on shaky ground – losing money for the seventh year in a row, short on cash, and unable to borrow money or invest in... more »
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Denny's Daily Zinger: No Email, Merci. We're French!
Denny Hatch
Email Addiciton Gold Fish   A great idea has come out of France: "It seemed too good not to be true: Reports that French labor unions had struck a pact with employers making it illegal to send work-related emails after 6 p.m. spread like wildfire across English-speaking media on Thursday."... more »
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5 Things You Can Do Today for Higher Conversions Tomorrow
From ClickZ
e-commerce   Here are five tips you can utilize to boost your conversion rate, including featuring better photos on your website, improving call-to-action buttons, and building trust among consumers. Is your site as optimized for conversions as it should be? Even if you are constantly testing and optimizing, you probably still have room for improvement. But whether you are just getting started... more »
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Macy’s CEO on Twentysomethings, Multiculural Customers and the Future
From BuzzFeed
Macy's logo   "You can talk about Millennials and the changing character and diversity of the population in the same breath, because as the Millennial population is the largest group that we’ve ever seen, so will be the minority population. It’s young people who are the diverse population, so we think about what needs and desires this group will have that’s going to... more »
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How Big Advertisers Are Using Next-Gen Messaging Apps Snapchat, Kik, Tango, Line and WeChat
From Ad Age
Snapchat graphic   "What in the world is WhatsApp?" Reuters echoed the question many in the U.S. were asking when Facebook acquired the mobile messaging app in February for a stratospheric $19 billion. WhatsApp was more familiar to the rest of the world, where it had built a bulk of its estimated 450 million users—and where other competitors were gaining steam. Each began... more »
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Excel Add-In Helps Clean Contact Info to Increase Response Rates
Excel Add-In Helps Clean Contact Info to Increase Response Rates   Imagine you have a database filled with customer, prospect, vendor, donor, or member contact information—but you know the data is dirty. What do you do? Read how a nonprofit organization successfully verified, corrected, and updated their contact data using Melissa Data's Listware for Excel.... more »
Graduating from an Email Service Provider to Marketing Automation
Graduating from an Email Service Provider to Marketing Automation   It's time to stop using your limited email service provider solution, and replace it with a robust marketing automation platform. Marketing automation not only provides all of the benefits but also offers new, valuable functions that standalone email solutions cannot. Read this eBook and learn how marketing automation can give you a leg up on the competition and help you... more »
Webinar Express: Lead Nurturing Is More Than Just Email
We all know that companies who nurture leads generate a better ROI. In fact, research shows that 20% more opportunities are created by companies that nurture their leads, vs. companies that don't. Every organization should have an active lead nurturing program, but if you are only communicating via email, you're missing a big opportunity.

Join us for a... more »
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Brunch & Learn: Direct Mail: 10 Mistakes to Avoid
Direct mail is expensive. A single mistake can cost you big time. In this webinar you'll get a high-level look at the 10 avoidable mistakes when using direct mail.
Direct marketing veteran Gary Hennerberg shares his top 10 list of mistakes to avoid in direct mail. For this presentation, he draws on his experience of having written and managed... more »
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