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The Future Looks 3D
M.J. Anderson
Google Cardboard   The next game-changer in mobile technology has arrived. Marketers looking for the newest interactive experiences are finding it in 3D environments and 360-degree experiences. With hardware and software tools available now, and the promise of even more on the horizon, the applications are limited only by the imagination of marketers and the skill of developers. One thing is certain: We’re... more »
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They're in the Mail: Government Mail Surveillance Outed
Jeremy Zimmerman
USPS Inspector General   Do you ever feel like you're being watched? Well, even if you don't, you probably definitely are. We live in a post-Snowden world; this is now common, garden-variety knowledge that the NSA is observing every facet of our increasingly mechanistic society. And lest anyone naïvely think our print mail was the last bastion of privacy, The New York Times recently... more »
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When Is EDDM Right for You?
Summer Gould
Summer Gould   EDDM (every door direct mail) has gained in popularity. EDDM as defined by the USPS is designed to help you reach every home, every address, every time. You can map out a target area, use demographic data (e.g. age, household income, and size) to select a delivery route, choose a mailing drop off date, and pay online—all from your computer.... more »
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Silos Are Corny and Ruin Customer Experience – DMA2014 Speaker Says Get Rid of Them
Heather Fletcher
DMA logo   If marketers want to ruin the customer experience, all they have to do is maintain silos and continue interdepartmental infighting regarding budgets and access to the C-suite, says Brenna Sniderman. Speaking on Tuesday afternoon at DMA2014 in San Diego, the senior director of research at Forbes Insights summarized research she performed in association with Teradata. "Breaking Down Marketing Silos: The... more »
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What Is Engagement? DMA14's VIP Roundtable
Thorin McGee
Jane Berzan   Understanding how to ignite customer engagement starts here in San Diego at DMA2014 with keynote presentations, advice from thought leaders, and insight from VIPs. "The central theme at DMA2014 is all about building and creating engagement," said DMA President Jane Berzan. "This year's event is a week-long experience that explores the connections between brands and consumers that can ignite customer... more »
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Perfecting Your From Lines, Subject Lines and Pre-Header Text
This is just one of the great sessions that's available for free, via the 2014 All About eMail Virtual Conference & Expo, live on 11/13/14! Read on for more details about this particular webinar, and click below to register for the show, or to get more information about the rest of the agenda!

The devil's in the details when... more »
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Brunch & Learn: 7 Email Tests to Run Today (and Tomorrow)
Marketers have been preaching the importance of A/B testing for years. The ease of getting instant data from tests to boost campaign performance is a main perk of working in digital marketing. Unfortunately, we don't all always practice what we preach. Deadlines and last-minute edits sometimes get in the way, and testing can fall by the wayside just to "get... more »
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