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Take This Marketing Slogan Quiz
Heather Fletcher
Marketing Slogans   Take a look at this infographic from Australia's "A Timeline of Marketing Slogans From Famous Brands." M2 named slogans through the ages from McDonald's and Coca-Cola, which my students aced. Another brand M2 On Hold honored in the chronology, Guiness, wasn't on the middle school test. I don't want to know how well the students would've done on that one.... more »
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Stimulating Action With Color
Gary Hennerberg
Gary Hennerberg   There is growing scientific evidence of how the brain processes color and how color impacts our feelings and how we respond. Over the years, some direct marketers have wondered about color's contribution to the overall success of direct mail. However, color usually isn't high on the list of test priorities. But you don't have to go with your gut, considering... more »
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The World’s Greatest Banker
Denny Hatch
Frank Brock   This is the era of bad-ass bankers and banks "too big to fail." For example: In 2013, Eight international banks fined $2.3 billion in a global LIBOR-rigging scandal. In 2014, Wall Street banks and their foreign competitors were assessed fines of $100 billion as settlements in the financial crisis of 2008. Among them: JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells... more »
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Improve Email Responses With Split Testing
Improve Email Responses With Split Testing   It's a fact—split testing increases email response rates. Packed full of examples and A/B testing case studies, this webinar gives you a sure fire way to discover the best time and day and to send your email is … along with what subject line produce the most opens.... more »
Webinar ROI Doubles for CA Tech
Heather Fletcher
Webinar   Two years ago, CA Technologies was marketing to prospects with three webcasts a month that taught at... more »
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Measuring the Incremental Value of Catalog Mailings
By Jim Coogan
Jim_Coogan_newheadshot   Catalog marketing is a simple economic model: profits are maximized when you mail all circulation that exceeds your break-even point. However, knowing the incremental sales and profits that come from a catalog drop is complicated because your customers are receiving so many multichannel messages from you. Marketers are spending a lot of time and resources trying to determine how to... more »
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Today's Featured Resources
Global Payments - Moving into International Markets
Global Payments - Moving into International Markets    Learn how to increase revenue in international markets. The payment experts at PacNet Services share their expertise, including a handy infographic on criteria for optimally pricing your product for international sales.... more »
Does call tracking harm SEO?
Does call tracking harm SEO?   It is one of the most controversial questions in local marketing: does call tracking harm local SEO?
The answer is a resounding NO.
This 30-page White Paper is the most complete treatment of the subject yet. It quotes local SEO experts about call tracking, explains how NOT to use call tracking, and then lays out in great detail... more »
Webinar Express: Web 4.0 – The Future of Personalization
Providing a personalized experience for your site visitors is the next step in the evolution of the web. With 74% of online consumers frustrated by websites that show generic content instead of relevant offers, your organization has a great opportunity to personalize the digital experience and improve customer satisfaction.  So how do you take advantage of this opportunity to personalize?... more »
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6 Keys to Sales and Marketing Alignment
6 Keys to Sales and Marketing Alignment   If your sales and marketing teams are constantly at each other's throats, it might be time to consider a solution that can help automate lead qualification and assignment, take the tedium out of lead nurturing, and improve marketing accountability with accurate ROI reporting. Marketing automation can do all of this and more — meaning that your marketing team can focus... more »
Customer Analytics for Dummies
Customer Analytics for Dummies   In this book, you take a look at the concepts for getting started with customer analytics and the specific techniques you can employ to enhance relationships with customers, increase revenue, and ultimately, make your organization more competitive. Customer Analytics For Dummies, IBM Limited Edition, also gives you a perspective about how big data can be transformed from a never-ending supply... more »
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