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Happy Holidays From Target Marketing
Christmas Wreath   As Christmas and New Year's Day draw closer, the staff at Target Marketing wants to wish all of our subscribers happy holidays. The Today @ Target Marketing e-newsletter will be taking a holiday break, as well, for the next two weeks. Expect to see us back in your inbox with plenty of key marketing content on Monday Jan. 5.... more »
The Big Qs of 2015
Thorin McGee
TM1114_Cover_1   Every year has its own challenges, trends and "Big Qs." But as we head into 2015, the kinds of topics we're hearing discussed by our readers and other marketers are changing. From the big conventions like ad:tech, DMA and Dreamforce, to social media and comments we're seeing on our articles, marketers seem to have put the recession questions of 2012... more »
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USPS Will Keep Running, Despite Congressional Inaction
Heather Fletcher
USPS Logo   Three governors does not a U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors make, but it's good enough to keep the USPS running until there's a full board. That's the gist of comments from a USPS spokesman and the Federal Register, the federal government's daily newspaper. As of Dec. 8, the board lost its quorum because Congress failed to confirm board nominees.... more »
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Why Sales and Marketing Collaboration is Important in Lead Generation
Frank Paterno
Leads   Both sales and marketing teams know that they play an equally important part in achieving a common goal. Yet each department can fall into the trap of functioning like an independent entity, losing sight of the big picture and compromising the overarching task at hand.... more »
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Denny's Zinger: Offers—Print (Warm & Fuzzy) v. Digital (Nasty)
Denny Hatch
Next Issue   I came across a story in The Wall Street Journal recently about KKR investing in—a service offering digital access to 140 magazines for $9.99 a month. I went to the website and was offered a 30-day free trial.... more »
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Today's Featured Resources
Business Intelligence that Delivers Results
Business Intelligence that Delivers Results   Learn how one application and software management firm almost doubled engagement activity by using customized business intelligence.... more »
[Guide] How To Create Landing Pages That Drive Conversions
[Guide] How To Create Landing Pages That Drive Conversions   There is a secret sauce to creating landing pages that not only attract visitors, but also motivate them to provide you with their information. This all-inclusive guide reveals all! Download now to get the information you need to create and analyze your own optimized landing pages.... more »
Webinar Express: How To Master Autoresponders In 20 Minutes
There is a lot of buzz about autoresponders and how using them can improve your email response rates and transform your subscribers into dedicated followers. In this quick-fire webinar, leading authority on Internet direct marketing, Reggie Brady explains how B2B marketers can create an effective autoresponder series based on tried and true strategies.

In just 20 minutes you... more »
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