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4 Lead-Tracking Tips
Frans Van Hulle
Customer example   As professionals, we are often resistant to change. Sticking to a routine is often easier than relearning something, even if it makes you more effective. That being said, if you are still using Excel spreadsheets to track your leads, you are seriously missing out on some of the great things that automated tools can offer you. Tracking leads in your... more »
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The Cross-Channel Copywriting Handbook
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Chicken or the Egg? Data or Analytics?
Stephen H. Yu
Stephen H. Yu   I just saw an online discussion about the role of a chief data officer, whether it should be more about data or analytics. My initial response to that question is "neither." A chief data officer must represent the business first.... more »
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McKinsey Thinks Bland, Generic Loyalty Programs Are Killing Business – And They May Be Right!
Michael Lowenstein
Michael Lowenstein   A recent Forbes article by McKinsey, "Making Loyalty Pay: Six Lessons From the Innovators," showed loyalty program participation has steadily increased during the past five years (a 10 percent annual rate of growth), with the average household now having almost 25 memberships. For all of that growing popularity, there are huge questions for marketers: Are the programs contributing to increased... more »
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Denny's Daily Zinger: This Is a Billion-Dollar Business
Denny Hatch
Spam Man   The Internet is getting creepier and creepier. Download a 50¢ coupon for Cheerios—or give Bisquick a thumbs-up—and you've forfeited your rights to sue General Mills. Lawyers 1 - Us 0. Google just announced it's reading all your e-mails "to create targeted ads." Snoops 1 - Us 0. I can't reach out to fellow professionals about my new book on writing... more »
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Why Online Retailers Mail So Many Catalogs
From The Wall Street Journal
ROI1012_catalogs   When everything is available for sale on your smartphone, why do catalogs still clutter your mailbox? Shoppers spend more online after browsing through lavish print spreads. The old-school marketing format has survived to play a crucial creative role in modern e-commerce. Today, the catalog is bait for customers, like a store window display, and a source of inspiration, the way... more »
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Who Is the Postal Customer?
From The QuadGraphics Blog
Postal worker   The USPS Office of Inspector General recently published a whitepaper that summarizes focus group research asking the American consumer what they want from the Postal Service now and in the future. And more importantly, they asked consumers what they need. The results weren’t necessarily surprising as some of the responses confirmed what many of us already knew (i.e., almost 70... more »
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PhillyDMA Announces Direct Marketer of the Year
Scott Cohen, Quattro Direct   The PhillyDMA is pleased to announce the 36th honoree of the Direct Marketer of The Year Award (DMOY): Scott Cohen, Managing Director/Agency Principal at Quattro Direct. This award will be presented to Scott at the Annual Benny Award Dinner on June 5, 2014... more »
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7 Keys to Killer Email Creative
7 Keys to Killer Email Creative   Email reaches billions of potential customers every day, but how can you stand out from the crowd? Discover the seven principles of killer email creative and learn about how the psychology of choice influences your prospects' decisions to open and respond to your email.... more »
Graduating from an Email Service Provider to Marketing Automation
Graduating from an Email Service Provider to Marketing Automation   It's time to stop using your limited email service provider solution, and replace it with a robust marketing automation platform. Marketing automation not only provides all of the benefits but also offers new, valuable functions that standalone email solutions cannot. Read this eBook and learn how marketing automation can give you a leg up on the competition and help you... more »
Do You Know the 3 Hottest Trends in B-to-B Lead Generation Today? [Webinar]
Do You Know the 3 Hottest Trends in B-to-B Lead Generation Today? [Webinar]   Pinpointe [#1 rated email marketing for businesses] hosts Internet strategist Bob Bly. We'll show proven strategies to help B-to-B companies generate more prospects. You’ll also learn 6 steps to creating irresistible offers, learn a blueprint "client acquisition process" and more. Watch Now... more »
Webinar Express: Lead Nurturing Is More Than Just Email
We all know that companies who nurture leads generate a better ROI. In fact, research shows that 20% more opportunities are created by companies that nurture their leads, vs. companies that don't. Every organization should have an active lead nurturing program, but if you are only communicating via email, you're missing a big opportunity.

Join us for a... more »
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