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With Big Data 3.0, Marketers Will Finally Strike Gold
Derek Carter
Big Data   Until recently, Big Data has been a huge deal in marketing circles mostly because of its potential, rather than its present benefits. Like prospectors who occasionally find a hefty gold nugget nestled in a panful of gravel, analysts and marketers understand the potential value of the insights Big Data contains; the challenge is to extract actionable insights.... more »
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Door Slamming on Ad Response as It Slams on Home Delivery?
Heather Fletcher
USPS OIG chart   Direct mailers are losing out as the U.S. Postal Service pushes for curbside and cluster box mail delivery, says a new report from the USPS Office of Inspector General. Advertising mail delivered to a recipient's door generates higher 'read and response' rates than advertising mail delivered to the curbside or a neighborhood cluster box," reads the April 20 report. "Door-delivery... more »
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A-Plus: Marketing Students Try Their Hand at Technology
Chet Dalzell
Chet Dalzell   It's nearly graduation time with a new legion of graduates about to enter the marketplace. In my previous post, I noted how many are seeking careers in data, and we're glad to have them in the marketing field. We need them by the thousands.... more »
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Stay Awhile: Google AdSense Introduces Matched Content
Jeremy Zimmerman
Matched Content   Everybody knows by now that "content is king." But what's to stop people from leaving your site's kingdom to spend time in someone else's castle-and taking their potential business elsewhere? Last week, Google (who else?) announced a new AdSense feature that might get roamers to pull up a chair and settle down on your site for a while.... more »
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Want More Clicks? 3 Brain Science Hacks That Boost Conversions
By Christopher Lester
Christopher Lester   Brain science can make an impact at several points in the marketing funnel — but it's a huge asset when optimizing a call to action (CTA). By leveraging what we know about neuroscience, emotion and human behavior, modern marketers can make small, but strategic changes to their CTAs that drive more sales, make new connections and positively impact their company's... more »
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The Designer’s Guide to Inkjet
The Designer’s Guide to Inkjet   Canon Solutions America, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., Inc., has published the "Designers' Guide to Inkjet," a comprehensive resource for agency and in-house designers looking to optimize their work for high-speed, production inkjet technologies. A compendium of information, the Guide consists of guiding principles, best practices, and real-world recommendations related to the exciting world of inkjet. Included... more »
Email Verification: Best Practices for Marketers
Email Verification: Best Practices for Marketers   Garbage in, garbage out. Learn how email verification and hygiene can help you improve email campaign performance, minimize risk and enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction.... more »
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