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And the Best Subject Line Is …
Heather Fletcher
Infographic from ContactMonkey   Blank. The best-performing subject line is … blank. Well, not completely blank. The best subject line is "Re:" or "Fw:" for senders who are trying to sell email recipients something, according to ContactMonkey research. The Toronto-based email tracking software provider cataloged 30 million messages sent from Outlook and Gmail and announced its findings Wednesday.... more »
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How to Build a Portal to Better Customer Relationships With Mobile Apps
M.J. Anderson
Mobile first apps   You’ve seen the statistics: Mobile devices are quickly becoming the gateway to everything media. This new mobile reality has permeated our lives and our culture. I saw a study recently that encapsulates this particular change in culture. Common Sense Media surveyed parents of children 0-8 in the U.S. and found that 38 percent of 2-year-old children and younger have used... more »
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On LinkedIn, Who's the Boss of You?
Carolyn Goodman
Carolyn Goodman   I approached my employees and asked them how they'd feel if I asked them to revise their profiles and use "brand language" that I provided. For many, they felt the request was invasive, and it indicated that I was too controlling (there's a shocker). But if one of my company's goals is to present a unified brand front in every... more »
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Denny’s Daily Zinger: Small Data Wizardry - Event Marketing
Denny Hatch
Times gift photo for zinger   I'm not a fan of Big Data—scraping the Internet for every iota of dirt on individuals in order to create massive digital dossiers. Small Data is a different story—a seemingly inconsequential addition to the name, address, phone, email, buying patterns, etc. Examples of Small Data might be special dates in a person's life—birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, etc. An offer pegged to... more »
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Local Optimization Drives Conversions, But Your Local Page Won’t
By Tim Ash
Tim Ash   Local was already in play before the iPhone changed the online marketing game in 2007, but the mobile shift has raised business capabilities and, more importantly, visitor expectations. Some of the things you need to learn to cope will be brutal, especially if you have limited resources, but it's time to start allocating some of that budget to local optimization... more »
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Build Customer Loyalty through Email Marketing
Build Customer Loyalty through Email Marketing   Does your loyalty strategy deliver upon your forecasted engagement and sales metrics?  Given that it costs 5x more to acquire a customer as it does to keep a current one, savvy marketers measure, segment and automate to generate the maximum ROI.  Learn how and see examples.  Download the whitepaper.... more »
Webinar Express: Web 4.0 – The Future of Personalization
Providing a personalized experience for your site visitors is the next step in the evolution of the web. With 74% of online consumers frustrated by websites that show generic content instead of relevant offers, your organization has a great opportunity to personalize the digital experience and improve customer satisfaction.  So how do you take advantage of this opportunity to personalize?... more »
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10 Ways Retailers Are Leaving Money on the Table
10 Ways Retailers Are Leaving Money on the Table   What's the right balance between what you'll give in the way of offers or discounts and what you'll gain in shopper loyalty? Turns out maximizing conversion opportunitiesand delivering the best possible user experience aren't mutually exclusive. In this piece, "10 Ways Retailers Are Leaving Money On The Table," ExactTarget and iGoDigital (an ExactTarget company) explore strategies that ensure you're getting... more »
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