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Apr 17, 2012
Target Marketing magazine presents: Target Marketing - Denny Hatch's Business Common Sense
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Why Have a Website?
One good reason is to create dependency
Zack Hale Politico Bio  

I work every day. Compulsively.

Being a political junkie, I'll take a break Sunday morning if any of the talk shows have interesting guests. What I want is a quick, down-'n'-dirty schedule: 1) Name of the show; 2) who are the guests; 3) the panel of babble-heads.

With that information, I can make a view/no-view decision in 20 seconds.

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Takeaways to Consider
  • If someone comes to a website and never returns, the marketers, writers and designers have failed.
  • In direct marketing, this is the equivalent of spending money to acquire a customer and never making another offer—quite simply a lousy business model.
  • What can you do to your Website to create dependency, so that people will return over and over again?
  • For starters, create a vision statement and live up to it.
  • Refresh content often.
  • Make content relevant, interesting and easy-to-digest.
  • Ruthlessly self-edit, so that people’s time is not wasted.
  • Hire writers and designers with print discipline, who don’t wander off message and bloviate.
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