Red Hot Marketing Tip: The New Envelope

Direct marketing 101: What’s the outer envelope for? Copywriter Hershell Gordon Lewis famously said, “The only purpose of the carrier envelope, other than keeping its contents from spilling out onto the street, is to get itself opened.”

This new envelope format, here with the Obama for America 2012 envelope and the one for Gettysburg Museum, get that job done and more. Join Ethan Boldt, Chief Content Officer of DirectMarketingIQ, as he discuss this new cutting-edge format.

Highlights of these packages include:

• It uses four-color, full-bleeds to the edge and in-line printing to the max.
• Opening this kind of envelope is like unwrapping a package, with each inner component easily accessible and every part of real estate used.
• See how the Gettysburg and the Obama packages use different components inside — one going the budget route and other gets more flashy.
• Just as important, notice the possible misfires with this envelope that can be easily avoided.

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  • David Himes

    Show me the results in a head to head test. The analysis by Boldt sounds like it’s coming from the guy who is selling the envelopes.

  • accuchris

    That is a great format for an outer envelope. Very compelling. Here is one other format that does the same thing but appears to save paper.

    Does anyone have any other formats they could share that effectively achieve this goal?

  • Braden

    The lovely Brochurelope.

  • MarcREnriquez

    Howdy all – new to the site. Terrific mailer – I’d call it "The Christmas Morning" Envelope because once you see it, you just can’t wait to open it. -=]