Data Security/Privacy

3 Ways to Get Customers to Share Their Information
September 30, 2015

The secret to making customers want to share their data is to take the practice out of the dark, and put in under the spotlight by answering the why and the how. This will make every customer understand why sharing their data will ultimately result in a richer, more in-depth experience with your brand. 

Oh No. It’s YOU …
August 28, 2015 at 8:00 am

Every brand is obsessed with gathering information about their customers — from demographic data to purchase behavior.

The Spiderman Complex - With greater power comes greater responsibility (2015 Integrated Marketing Virtual Conference Session)
July 7, 2015 at 10:54 pm

Click below to view this webinar, originally offered as a session at 2015 Integrated Marketing Virtual Conference. Join our panel of marketing experts to discuss how technology's role in marketing is expanding, and sometimes straining, the marketer leader's responsibility for IT, including: - What are the responsibilities marketers have regarding the technology you use? -…

How Trustworthy is Your Site? OTA Report Finds Nearly Half of Websites Fail Audit
June 26, 2015

Earlier this month, the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) released the findings from its seventh annual Online Trust Audit & Honor Roll, which assessed the trustworthiness of 1,000 websites across a wide variety of industries — retail, banking, government, media — based on dozens of security/privacy data points. What stood out was that 46 percent of…