‘Tis the Season … for Term Letters in Healthcare

In this column, we’ll look at five seasonal drivers within healthcare, and how marketers can prepare for them.

‘Truth’ — The Secret Marketing Ingredient

It’s getting harder and harder to watch the news and come away with any sense of what is “true,” what is “fake” or what is somewhere in

Top Holiday Season Digital Trends

How will this holiday season be different than past seasons? The most striking difference is how consumers are shopping.

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In this column, we’ll look at five seasonal drivers within healthcare, and how marketers can prepare for them.

A fundamental of copywriting is to write to the awareness levels of your prospects. But all too often, awareness level is overlooked.

The law of supply and demand: the only thing many people remember from Economics 101. When demand goes up, prices increase. When demand


How will this holiday season be different than past seasons? The most striking difference is how consumers are shopping.

Most of the U.S. population say they use mobile phones for shopping activities.

Consumers check their phones 150 times a day. This reality has given rise to what Google dubbed “Micro Moments”

Marketing Strategy

Is one-to-one still the marketing ideal in 2017, or have we entered a new, “Experience Era”?

It’s my favorite mail piece this year — and it didn’t even include a check.

in order to engage, we must be in the channels our customers frequent wih relevant content for them to consume and share.


Building your webpage content to target multiple niche keywords will take your semantic SEO to the next level.

Improving your SEO doesn’t take a Herculean effort, but consistency, time and patience. Here are 4 easy ways to keep SEO optimized.

With Halloween right around the corner with all of its goblins and scarecrows, it seems appropriate to ponder the frightening —


Artificial intelligence is expected to change the way we market. And AI applications in customer acquisition and customer experience

In this digital world, marketers have access to more data than ever before; which could be great or disastrous. Which has it been for

It’s no new news that brands track our purchases and then send us coupons, promotions, special offers and “news” that fit our shopping

Content Marketing

Content marketing in a vacuum has risks. Here’s how to use competitive research to keep tabs on your competition and the marketplace.

There’s more to content engagement than just words on a page. Here are the details you must focus on to grab your audience’s attention.

In this Revenue Marketing RoadMap, we cover content marketing strategy and the steps to developing the best content editorial calendar.


Sales teams across the globe are telling prospects, “You should invest in what I sell — because this research says so” and expecting to

There are two of huge problems with sales communication techniques — they make you look weak, and like every other seller out there.

No matter what target market my students are calling on when sending cold email messages, I see the same weak spots over-and-over.

Marketing Automation & CRM

B2B selling is a complicated affair, but you can simplify your marketing strategies dramatically with buying process analysis.

Instead of a scientist measuring a particle, imagine you’re a marketer and the red dot is your audience. You really want to know who

When do email subject lines cross the line? When do they go from curious and engaging to aggressive and desperate?

Direct Mail, Print & Postal

Many organizations are familiar with agility strategy, but have you considered how you can create agile direct mail campaigns? Why

The holiday season is quickly approaching. Are you ready to send direct mail that gets you better results than last year?

With social media an integral part of people’s daily lives, integrating it with your direct mail can really help drive response.


Digital marketing is direct marketing. If you follow these four principles, you’ll triple your digital communications results.

the healthcare ecosystem is complex, and there are multiple upstream influencers who determine the total number of consumers eligible.

I listened to Michael Brenner recently give a keynote on B2B marketing, and picked up scads of great insights I’d like to share.


We can see a lot of ways commerce is changing today. How is marketing to consumers going to look in 2025 and beyond?

Are you looking for the best ways to reactivate dormant customers and reduce churn? Here are the 10 most effective practices today.

Welcome to the second biggest shopping season of the year: It’s Back-to-School season and it’s promising to be a good one.

Measurement & Metrics

It’s hard to get marketing results if you don’t have a marketing budget. Here are three ways to defend the budget you need.

The measurability of Web traffic still stands as both a promise and a challenge. As an SEO practitioner who has covered many miles

Do you truly know your online customers? If you answered “yes” but don’t use Google Analytics, then you might easily be mistaken.

Social Media

Are you sabotaging yourself by copying the sales prospecting tactics that most sellers use?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator can be a great tool, but most sellers are sabotaging their chance to start conversations with prospects.

Bob Bly once asked, “Can a Computer Write Better Copy Than You?” Well, InspiroBot can definitely write a weirder motivational poster!

Online Marketing

For years we’ve been hearing about addressable television, the ability to target TV ads to individual viewers. But it is at least 3 yea

If you post videos on your website that are embedded from YouTube, pay attention to what happens when they end: The suggested videos.

Been to the movies lately? Neither have I, but I do have a few summertime musts on my list: