Heather Fletcher

Heather Fletcher

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Build Email Teams, Then Content [Video]

In putting an email marketing team together, look for candidates with creative and technical expertise, says Jacquelyn Kearns, SVP of global digital at Dun & Bradstreet. Her colleague, Jeannine D’Allegro, VP and global Leader of digital properties, adds that content should be distributed strategically, too.

Email Marketing's Finish Line [Video]

When email marketers start digging into data, the temptation is to use it all, says Aaron Buchanan, a digital personalization manager at Finish Line. “But you've really got to start elevating priorities and make sure that you focus on knocking out the best opportunities first."

Hashtag, Then Trend

Many marketers would like to know how to be the main brand behind a hashtag like Wednesday's James Bond movie trailer #Spectre. In a lengthy blog post on Tuesday, Sprout Social reveals how. “Fresh Take: Tips to Get Your Hashtag Trending” by Jason Keath says there are 10 tricks.

Email Marketers, Get Content Marketing Game [Video]

The best content to use for emails is a little bit of both what customers need to know and what's trending in the industry, says Jessica Best, a digital marketing "evangelist" at emfluence. "That's a difficult balance for marketers, but that's all part of the content marketing game,"

Content Thieves Beware: Marketers Know About You

Content marketers are probably now dealing with what I’ve contended with for years — content thieves. In general, they take my work without apology, costing Target Marketing clicks and ad dollars. It’s just as serious for the newer content marketers, who share advice in hope of attracting and retaining customers.

Avoid Email Penalties for Growth [Video]

Email marketers, make interviewing the tech support people part of any platform vetting process, says John A. Caldwell, president and founder of Red Pill Email. "We find that helps a lot," he tells MarketingSherpa reporter Erin Hogg. "No suprises."

Google ‘Buy’ Button Debuts

A Google “Buy” button, long-rumored and therefore Internet-named, became official on Wednesday and it’s actually called “Purchases on Google.”

How NBS Shrank PPC With Call Tracking

In April 2014, NBS was spending nearly $4 million on paid search, says David Gallmeier, who leads marketing and development at NBS. When Google reps returned in February 2015, NBS had slashed its paid search spending by 60 percent that month — most of which came out of the AdWords budget.

Get Rid of Lazy Dog Inactive Email Subscribers [Video]

If marketers see consistently below benchmark open rates on their emails, despite providing quality content to recipients, they probably have some dead weight on their lists and need to cleanse them of inactive subscribers, says Jeffrey Anderson, digital marketing manager at A Place for Mom.

Baby, Puppy Ads Aid More Than Impulse Buys

Science finds “short snouts, high foreheads, round faces and big eyes activate the dopamine reward center in the brain,” says the Wall Street Journal. With the advent of neuromarketing, research can link baby-, puppy- and kitten-based brain activation to buying — and even to which channels work best for what and why.

Do You Exist? Only If You Matter to the Customer [Video]

The value proposition is "the core, or central, truth about whatever the offering is," says Jose Palamino, president and founder of Value Prop Interactive. More importantly, the value proposition answers the question "Why should anyone care?"

Are You Lost, CMO? This Is the C-Suite

Even as all things marketing now need to be measured in order to continue to have budgets, what if that truth doesn't ultimately benefit CMOs? CFOs, CIOs and CTOs may vie to take over the marketing responsibilities, considering the discipline’s tech and finance aspects.

USPS/Staples Mail Services May Be Illegal

Marketers who use Staples stores for their USPS needs may have to reroute to post offices after Aug. 17. That’s the day when the National Labor Relations Board will hear testimony from the USPS and one of its unions regarding the legality of the USPS outsourcing some mail processing to Staples — a practice the NLRB already says may be illegal.