Heather Fletcher

Heather Fletcher

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

6 Organic Email Opt-in Ideas

First of all, pop-ups work. If email marketers want to grow their lists organically, chances are, they will use pop-up forms. Then what

How to Get Your Marketing in Shape

Daria Petraglia coaches Heather Fletcher to get in shape, as Fletcher counsels marketers about how to get their marketing in shape.

Resilient Marketers Needed

Resiliency. It’s the main quality tomorrow’s marketer needs, reiterated headlining speakers on Tuesday and Wednesday during the Marketo

Optimize Images for Fast Sites

Marketers know their sites have to be fast, but that images help conversions. So Search Engine Watch helped marketers come up with

Old Navy Haters Gonna Hate

On Wednesday, Old Navy was trending on Twitter and Facebook, as well as overtaking a previously unrelated hashtag: #lovewins. And the

Googler Talks Site Testing

E-commerce marketers love to listen to Googlers with advice. Krista Seiden, an analytics advocate at Google, provided plenty of tips on