Carolyn Goodman

Carolyn Goodman

A blog that challenges B-to-B marketers to learn, share, question, and focus on getting it right—the first time.
Carolyn Goodman is President/Creative Director of Goodman Marketing Partners. An award-winning creative director, writer and in-demand speaker, Carolyn has spent her 30-year career helping both B-to-B and B-to-C clients cut through business challenges in order to deliver strategically sound, creatively brilliant marketing solutions that deliver on program objectives. To keep her mind sharp, Carolyn can be found most evenings in the boxing ring, practicing various combinations.
You can find her at the Goodman Marketing website, on LinkedIn, or on Twitter @CarolynGoodman.

3 Fresh Approaches to Social Media

I was prepping for a webinar on marketing when one question caught my eye: “What are some new marketing trends that leverage social media platforms?” I did a little deeper research on the topic and came across some innovative ideas worth sharing.

My Account Was Hacked! A Lesson in Customer Service

If you’ve read my blog before, you know I love Starbucks. When taking a road trip, I use Google maps to find the closest location when I need a little pick-me-up. When flying, I seek them out in airports. And while recently strolling down the street in Lima, Peru, I spied that familiar green logo and my husband immediately knew I’d have to stop in for my favorite latté.

Who Should Run for President? Effective Marketers Who Get Results!

As a marketer, how do you know that your work has made a difference in the world? It’s not whether you made an audience laugh, cry or remember the words to your jingle. It’s not because your brand name can evoke a Pavlovian response to make a purchase. For me, the most impressive result is when a smart strategy and innovative creative solution have a major impact on solving a business problem. I’m proud to report that this year’s ECHO entries were no exception.

Unsubscribing Should Mean Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

It strikes me that many companies seem to be out of compliance with the CAN-SPAM laws and don’t make it easy to even find the unsubscribe link. And, when I finally locate it and click on it, I’m often presented with a survey — and one that you can’t ignore.

Make Me an Offer — But Set My Expectations

What’s the ideal offer expiration date? Any good direct marketer knows that you have to test and learn what works for your brand, but in the early days of direct mail the rule of thumb was six to eight weeks (long enough for the recipient to receive the offer in the mail, write a check and mail it back).

Oh No. It’s YOU …

Every brand is obsessed with gathering information about their customers — from demographic data to purchase behavior. Sophisticated marketers use that data to build loyalty programs, predictive models and determine lifetime value.

What I Learned at College: A Business Lesson in Revenue Maximization

Now, after attending three different colleges, I’m impressed with some of the strategies colleges are deploying to make sure they’ve got your kid (and you!) hooked for a four to six year relationship. Some of these institutions have mastered both acquisition and retention efforts and I wouldn’t be surprised if they could teach a course on the subject.

Are CMOs Really in Charge? Should They Be?

If a CEO is responsible for overall company management and fiscal health, isn’t a CMO responsible for overall brand value and the health of their customer relationships? And if not the CMO, then who?

Marketing Awards: What Are They Good For?

When I first started in this business, I remember that our new business pitch at Ogilvy & Mather Direct always included a page about the many awards the agency had won — and the DMA ECHO Award was always front and center.

Best Practices Exist for a Reason, Part 3: Email Results Analysis

For many marketers, the bulk of their time is taken up with list selection, subject lines, email design and ensuring the email links to integrated landing pages. But not enough time is spent analyzing the results of those efforts in order to learn and apply it to the next campaign.