Tips for Reusing Marketing Content

Marketers should consider making a dedicated effort to reuse content in various formats for new audiences across different channels. Reusing content can save you time and money in content creation. It’s faster, cheaper and easier than starting from scratch.

Reusing content has other advantages as well. You can repurpose content to match audience preferences. For example, you can create videos for people who are visual in nature, or break up a lengthy whitepaper into a series of easy-to-understand articles. In addition, if the core of the content remains intact, you’ll be able to deliver a consistent message to your audience. Clarity goes a long way in today’s crowded and noisy marketplace. Below are a few examples of how to reuse content, along with the steps to follow:

Examples of reusing content

  • Segment the content of a whitepaper into a series of blog posts, podcasts or articles.
  • Create videos or podcasts from live speaking events.
  • Recycle case studies and testimonials used in email marketing or advertising campaigns.
  • Convert the content of any dry, technical specification sheets into interviews with product managers, using video or text.
  • Reuse content from print collateral on your website.
  • Upload presentations to slide-sharing sites or create webinars from the content.

Don’t just reuse … repurpose
It’s important that content isn’t simply reused; it must also be repurposed. The difference between the two is that when you repurpose content, you first analyze how the content fits its intended alternative purpose and then make changes accordingly.

For example, if you plan to convert a whitepaper that contains a lot of technical content or jargon into a podcast, you don’t want to simply read the paper and record your voice. It’s likely that the podcast will be too long and too dry. Also, charts, graphs and diagrams can’t be used in a podcast. A better approach might be to summarize the key points of the whitepaper and end the podcast by letting your audience know where they can find the full whitepaper online.

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