The Email Marketer’s Guide to Addressing Time, Resource and Funding Challenges

Getting your message into the inbox is a precursor to any successful email program. If your messages are being filtered or blocked by large internet service providers (ISPs), this must be your top focus. Poor deliverability can be caused by a number of factors, including lack of subscriber engagement (i.e., poor open and clickthrough rates) and other factors that vary by individual ISPs. If you don’t have experts on your team who understand the current and ever-changing deliverability landscape, or if you lack deep relationships with ISPs, engage your ESP or hire a deliverability consultant. It’s a solid investment.

Let’s look at some numbers to see what improving your deliverability rate can do: Let’s say your delivery rate is 92 percent, below the industry average. Also assume a lower-than-average open rate of 12 percent and a clickthrough rate of 4 percent. If you send 10 million emails a month, these metrics deliver 88,320 shoppers to your website. If your site conversion rate is 2 percent and your average sale is $100, a 5 percent improvement in your delivery rate equates to an additional $4,400 a month in site revenue. A monthly fee for deliverability consulting is easy to justify.

Once your emails are in your subscribers’ inboxes, they need to get opened. A 5 percent improvement to your open and clickthrough rates in the previous example would increase site revenue by another $9,500 a month. Factors including subject line, message frequency, segmentation and relevance can affect open rates. A good place to start is by testing subject lines to see what moves the needle, beginning with general audience testing and moving to more targeted segment testing.

Also look at subscriber inactivity and opt-out logs to identify a common point at which users stop engaging with your emails. If you can identify a trend like this, you’re well positioned to deploy a campaign that targets the time just prior to when subscribers jump ship.

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