5 Ways to Find the Perfect Pinterest Board Name

You started your Pinterest page. You verified your domain. You wrote an amazing description. You linked all your social profiles. Now, what in the world should you name your boards? Although it seems simple, finding the right names for the right boards to fit the right aspects of your brand can actually be a pretty daunting task. But don’t worry! Below, we’ve broken down five things to help you to create the perfect board names.
1. Keep in Mind Pinterest’s Character Limits. Pinterest limits the number of characters in a board name to 180. But in reality, board names should be no longer than 20 characters to be fully visible on your profile. While that’s not a lot of wiggle room, if you feel the need to wax poetic about your board, there are 500 characters available to you in the board description.

2. Check Google Trends. Google Trends is a great tool for finding out about popular searches. Type in a few keywords that are important to your company to see how they’re performing and see what else people are searching for related to the keyword. Some of these keywords can point you in the right direction when it comes to naming your boards.

3. Look at the Word Cloud Related to Your Brand on Pinterest. Tailwind’s automatically generated word cloud is free and requires registration and finds the most popular words pinners use when describing pins from your site. While some of the words are probably obvious, others are not. For example, Volkswagen’s most popular word is, of course, “Volkswagen.” However, a few of their other popular words, like “America” and “comphoto,” are not exactly top-of-mind for most. Like with Google Trends, finding words that are already used to describe your brand can help inspire the perfect names for your boards—even if they’re not immediately obvious.

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