9 Email Marketing Tips to Spike Conversion Rates

Handwritten email addresses. Default opt-in tactics without instant unsubscribe options. No Pinterest account.
These are a few of Experian Marketing Services’ (EMS) least favorite things e-commerce marketers do. According to research announced on Jan. 14 by the New York-based marketing services provider, handwritten email addresses lead to transcription errors. Default opt-in leads to deliverability problems and lacking a Pinterest account results in a huge missed opportunity.

“Words like ‘Pinterest,’ ‘Pin us’ or ‘Pin it’ in subject lines generate open rates that are 11 percent higher than other mailings and unique click rates that are almost 25 percent higher,” says the research titled “Email Market Study: Acquisition and Engagement Tactics.”

Based on the study’s findings, EMS found prescriptions to heal what ails these marketers:

1. Adopt a Mobile-First Policy
“The highest percentage of emails are opened on mobile devices,” according to the report. That’s 44 percent, with desktop opens following at 29 percent and Webmail right behind at 28 percent.

EMS advises marketers to modifying your existing template to these:

  • Limit the overall email template width to 560 to 580 pixels wide. “We’ve found this size to be a good width when factoring [in] desktop, mobile and tablet.”
  • Make all subcopy at least 14 to 16 points. “Since your email still will be reduced on mobile, you want to be sure the text size does not start out too small.”
  • Calls to action should be at least 40 pixels apart. “Too many links situated right next to each other could be frustrating to users, causing them to accidentally tap on the wrong one.”

2. Avoid Handwritten Email Addresses
If that’s impossible, ensure customers can fact-check what gets typed in. This may sound old-school to some, but the research shows “78 percent of brands use sales associates to collect email addresses [and] 36 percent of brands collect email addresses on paper.”

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

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