Relevance Is More Than Just Right Content

It’s no surprise that using data to provide relevant content is a hot marketing topic. Companies like Amazon and Netflix have conditioned consumers to expect that every brand interaction should be relevant and personalized.
This is a good thing. It pushes companies out of their traditional comfort zones of generic content creation and forces you to examine how to provide value and utility to your customers.

But, most discussions on relevancy have focused almost exclusively on content. Missing from the conversation is the importance of timing and platform. No matter how personalized or relevant a piece of content is, it won’t be effective if it’s delivered at the wrong moment or to the wrong platform.

Create a Marketing Clock
Recently, there have been many wearable devices and apps that give users insight into their sleep patterns. When are they restless? When are they in deep sleep? These programs map users habits and present them with a summary of how they sleep.

Marketers have the tools at their disposal to do something similar. We can map the patterns and habits of consumers throughout the day to create a marketing clock. This clock can then inform when to push content to what platform. This makes marketing campaigns relevant not just in in terms of content, but in timing and placement.

An important first step to creating this marketing clock is to have a person opt-in to a mobile database. A person’s mobile number is key to connecting their habits throughout the day and targeting them at the correct time. Their mobile phones are probably the only devices they have within arms reach when they get up, are at the office or when watching TV in the evening.

Once you have that piece of information, you can start pulling together first, second and third party data to form a clearer picture of marketing touch points throughout the day.

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