Nuts & Bolts - Tech Talk: Marketing Automation, E-mail Marketing and Social Media

Click 3G’s dynamic dashboard allows marketers to manage campaigns and view real-time results.

Marketing Automation
Sometimes marketers just want a one-stop shop. Enter ClickSquared of Waltham, Mass., a cross-channel and e-mail marketing solution provider, and its third generation SaaS platform, Click 3G.

Delivering real-time results, Click 3G pairs marketing automation with delivery and execution across e-mail, print, SMS, social media and Web channels. Among other features, the platform allows marketers to consolidate customer data into a single marketing data mart.

E-mail Marketing
BocaNetworks.Com of Boca Raton, Fla. recently released an upgrade to its e-mail marketing software eList Manager. The Web-based tool allows marketers to create and manage e-mail lists as well as develop HTML and text e-mail marketing campaigns. Specifically, eList Manager version 3.561 has enhanced security, performance monitoring, custom order tracking and extended reporting features. The software update also provides the addition of campaign IDs and the ability to cancel a future scheduled campaign.

Social Media
For many marketers using social media, measuring the performance of their campaigns isn’t always so cut and dried. In response, StrongMail of Redwood City, Calif. presents a social media platform that integrates social sharing, viral marketing and campaign management.

Called Social Studio, the suite consists of StrongMail Influencer, Social Notes and Social Direct (currently in beta stage). The individual solutions provide marketers with the abilities to acquire new customers through the launch of viral campaigns that leverage existing brand advocates; allow e-mail subscribers and Web visitors to share content across blogs, e-mails and social networks; and launch direct response campaigns into social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition, marketers are able to track conversions as well as obtain reach and awareness metrics for each campaign.

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