Nuts & Bolts - Search: Get a CKO So Your SEO Isn’t TKO

A company needs a single point person in charge of its keywords, says Daniel Olduck.

That was the key takeaway the vice president of strategy for paid media at New York-based search engine marketing software and services provider Acronym Media wanted attendees to remember from the presentation “Enterprise Search is Evolving. Introducing: The Chief Keyword Officer. Are You Ready?” Olduck and David Sprinkle, Acronym’s chief analytics officer, spoke on March 26 at SES New York.

That person, for instance, will need to understand consumer intent through certain clues, Sprinkle says. If a person searches for a luxury hotel near Penn Station in New York, it may be for a two-day business meeting or a week-long family vacation that includes trips to Times Square. Someone searching on a mobile device during the workweek is very different from someone doing so on a tablet on a Saturday morning.

Whether search engine marketing ends up being the CKO’s entire role or not, organizations need to comprehend that consumers are clearly signaling their intent every day through online and offline keywords, and all that information needs to be funneled through a single person. That’s true, Olduck says, even if the CKO then allows appropriate departments to be in charge of keywords relevant to them.

Consumers expect marketers to get it right the first time. So haphazardly referring to a static list of 10 main keywords isn’t going to cut it anymore, Olduck and Sprinkle agree.

As Sprinkle summed up, “Understanding that you’re looking at customers when you’re looking at keywords is really what this comes down to.”

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

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