Nuts & Bolts - Case Study: For BrickHouse, Search Is a Winning Hand

BrickHouse Security has mighty, mighty paid and organic search marketing results. But that wasn’t always the case for the New York-based security and surveillance solutions provider.

Before BrickHouse hired Wpromote-an El Segundo, Calif.-based online marketing agency-in February 2013 to optimize its paid and organic search, results were a bit weaker.

“We used to use a separate agency for SEM and did SEO in-house,” says Todd Morris, founder and CEO of BrickHouse. “And one of the reasons … we made our change … was that we realized that, from a customer perspective, it’s all just search. And it’s really all about getting as much real estate on that search result page as you can.”

Morris sees other benefits to combining SEO and pay-per-click, too: “There are a lot of leverages going back and forth between search and paid; especially as Google has made organic more difficult by taking away the keyword data … You leverage what you learned in paid to focus your efforts in organic. So I think, as of now, they go hand-in-hand. And working with an agency that doesn’t have a strong grasp of both would be very difficult.”

That stacked up for BrickHouse when the security and surveillance solutions provider changed its e-commerce platform, and 40 percent of its organic traffic disappeared. The company took a closer look at its PPC campaigns and found return on ad spend wasn’t as good as what had been reported, says Morris.

At that point, some of the company’s top-performing keywords were at the bottom of Page 1 or somewhere on Page 2 or Page 3 of the search engine results pages (SERPs), and Morris says Google AdWords accounted for almost all of BrickHouse’s search revenue.

After getting to work with Wpromote, BrickHouse made a few back-end code and structural changes to its site, moved content around-adding it to product categories-then figured out what Morris calls the “gold list” of 1,000 keywords.

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

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